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Home Organization Hacks 2


Moving into a new place recently, my mind is definitely in home decor mode. I purged a ton of stuff while moving, and I’m ready to get things organized. 

I’ve definitely always been the type of person who needs things organized – no clutter for me. Being thrown a tiny apartment with little to no storage space has given me the challenge of finding the shortcuts to organization. And thus I’ve come up with some awesome DIYs and ideas for organization and storage and I’m so happy to share those with you today!

Home Storage and Organization Ideas


Stylish Organization Totes

These super cute DIY totes from Lindi at Love Create Celebrate are so easy and affordable. Dollar store bins people! Bins are such good ways to keep things organized that just look messy no matter how you try to place them. 

Bins look great in cube shelves, at the top of closets, and they could even work underneath of some furniture!

DIY Stylish Storage - Love Create Celebrate


Utilize Space Under Things

If you live in a small apartment like we do, you gotta get creative on where to store things. 

One of the best solutions for storage I have found is to use the space underneath things.

Get bins with wheels for under your bed; maybe your couch is raised off the ground; your TV stand may have some room under it. Utilize that space – as long as it isn’t too crowded and visible. 

Mini Fridge

Having a mini fridge has been a life saver. We use it for all of our beer and drinks, and that way we can still have our fix, and our fridge isn’t overtaken by beverages. We took our old (and ghetto looking) mini fridge and transformed it into a much prettier fridge to look at and match our decor. Check out how we did that here.
DIY Updated Mini Fridge (2)


Less is More

With moving came a ton of purging – I donated more than half of my clothes, gave away a lot of our kitchen stuff, and threw out a lot of crap.

Our living room was so over ridden with “stuff” before, and now it just looks so much nicer when it’s more minimal.

Clutter causes your rooms to look messy, even if things are stacked nicely. Go through your stuff and decide what’s really necessary to have, and what can get the boot. 

Have a Key Rack 

Stop losing your keys and cluttering up your counters by mounting a key rack beside your front door. Key racks are so easy to make, and you can customize them to your own style so easily. Find the tutorial here for this cute key rack!


Have a Bag For Your Bags

This sounds silly, but you know all those reusable grocery bags you have lying around? Grab a large one you don’t use as much and stuff all the other ones inside of it. 

I hang mine on a hanger in our coat closet, and bam – saves a ton of space. 

Put Shelves on Cupboard Doors

So we came to our new place and I realized that the bathroom sink did not have drawers under it. WTF. 

I figured I needed to get creative because I was not having a shitshow happening in those cupboards. 

Solution! Grab some 3M hooks, some dollar store bins and boom. You’ve got yourself some accessible boxes to put all of your daily products in. 

DIY Cupboard Shelves


And there ya have it! Some super simple hacks to keep your home organized. Let me know down below in the comments how you utilize these ideas in your own home!

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  1. Really loved your post. Especially the glam up of a dollar store bin. I’m going to go to the thrift store and buy worn leather belts.

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