DIY Key Rack

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The one thing that absolutely everyone has is keys. You may not have a car, but you gotta get into your house somehow am I right!? 

And what’s the one thing that a lot of people lose often? Keys. 

Now it’s a proven fact (from me) that when things have a special place to be stored, they’re less likely to be lost.

So the logical explanation here is to create a special place for those little keys of yours to prevent their ultimate loss and save you future grief – AKA running around the house like a mad man trying to leave for work in the morning unable to find your keys. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

I got inspired to make my adorable key rack from this design for a key rack and catch-all. I thought it was so cute! Only thing was, was that it’s a little too big for any wall in our small apartment. So I had to get creative, and we came up with this simple but cute design.

DIY Key Rack



  • Wooden Hanging (or square piece of wood)
  • Metal Clip
  • Metal Hooks & Screws
  • Photograph


We first found the hanging wooden square at Michael’s in the wood craft section. They have lots of different sizes and designs of wood hangings. Ours was already a dark stained colour, but if you only find a light coloured wood and would like it darker, I have a great post here that can teach you how to stain it yourself!

DIY Key Rack

If you can’t for the life of you find a wooden hanging, gluing four pieces of wood together to form a square, then attaching some twine to the top to hang it will do just the trick!

Next step is to arrange the hooks how you would like them. We picked up four hooks from Home Depot and that seems to work for us. Grab your drill and screw them into place! (Make sure you have short screws because the wood is probably quite thin, and you don’t want it going all the way through.)

DIY Key Rack

Glue (or screw) your metal clip onto the top center and let it set. We used a metal fridge magnet clip and popped off the magnet to get our clip. These file binder clips would work great too!

DIY Key Rack

Clip in your photograph, and you’re done! I just put a photo of a waterfall for now until I find the perfect picture. A cute quote or some calligraphy would be adorable!

DIY Key Rack


DIY Key Rack

There ya have it! Very simple yet super cute key rack & decor. I love the minimalist look it has without looking cluttered. This would look nice on a gallery wall as well! The wall by our door is very small, so there’s really only room for one thing.

If you try out this DIY I would love to see photos! Make sure to tag me on Instagram and Twitter!


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