6 Home Decor DIYs


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One of my absolute favourite things to buy is home stuff – decor, kitchen items, furniture – all of it. 

I was definitely having a heyday stocking up on items before I moved out of my mom’s house and into my own place. Obviously there’s a few things you can’t really DIY, for example, an ice cream scoop, a pizza cutter – you get the picture.

When it comes to decor though, that’s when you can put it into your own hands.

But let’s be real – home decor items can be mighty expensive. And when you’re a broke student like me, that’s not where my money should be going (although it’s where I want it to go).

I’ve been teaching myself to be a little craftier, first starting off with some home organization hacks. But now it’s time to take the trip to Home Depot and break out the tools and glue gun.

Here I’ve gathered some awesome DIY home decor items courtesy of some amazing bloggers. All of these DIYs are fairly simple, and I definitely need to try some out for myself. 


Home Decor DIYs


Wood Tilt Out Trash Can from By Dawn Nicole

Such a cute and elegant way to hide that ugly trash! I know I’m always struggling with having to look at ugly garbage bags in the hallway, so this is a perfect way to hide that, without being obvious that it’s for trash!

Home Decor DIYs - Tilt Out Trash Can DawnNicole


DIY Faux Floating Shelves from Mommy Suite 

I love anything made of wood, so these are a definite decor item I will be adding in my house. So cute, so practical, and sooo easy.

Home Decor DIYs - Shelves MommySuite



No Sew Throw Pillows from An Exercise in Frugality 

Who doesn’t need more pillows!? I have this thing for an abundance of pillows on chairs, couches, beds, you name it. And bonus, no sew!

Home Decor DIYS - No Sew Pillows ExerciseInFrugality


Mini Fridge DIY from Maybe Jamie

I put this little DIY together back in my home organization hacks post a while ago, and it’s really made a difference in Justin’s office area. He has all black furniture, and turning this ugly white fridge into a glossy black one really updated the space. The full tutorial can be found right here!

DIY Updated Mini Fridge (2)


Fall Barn Wood Sign from My Sisters Suitcase

I’m sad to say that summer is over, but I’m not gonna lie about loving fall. Fashion, decor, weather – it’s all kinda great.

Once again my weakness of wooden decor comes out, and mixed with pompoms (hell yes!) I may just be running out to the store right now to get my supplies for this one. 

Home Decor DIYs - Fall Barn Wood Sign SistersSuitcase


Crate Bookshelf from Tara Michelle Interiors 

And of course another wooden diy. Who doesn’t love crates!? 

Home Decor DIYs - Crate Shelf TaraMichelleInteriors


And there you have it! Six awesome home decor DIYs you can put together on a small budget. With just moving into a new place, I’m super looking forward to decorating it and making it our own. I’m so excited to go the DIY route, so follow along with all of our projects! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peaks on our DIY shenanigans.


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