DIY Updated Mini Fridge

So we drink a lot of beer in this family (of 2). 

Justin also has a lot of rum and cokes. 

So because of our alcoholism (jokes), our fridge tends to get over run by drinks. 

Solution! Mini fridge!

DIY Updated Mini Fridge 2

We graciously had some family friends give us one of their old mini fridges. And to put it nicely, it didn’t look all that great.

Mini Fridge - Before 2 (2)

So we put up with it’s appearance for a while, and now that we moved, Justin got fed up with looking at it.

So we DIY’ed the shiz outta that thing.

Here you have it –

DIY Updated Mini Fridge

Our furniture is all black, so we picked up some black spray paint, taped up all the seals and the back, & gave it a good coat all over!

Easy peasy!



Mini Fridge - Before (2)



DIY Mini Fridge - After 2


We used Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover Spray Paint. Make sure you get one that adheres to metal & plastic. 


DIY Mini Fridge - Paint



DIY Mini Fridge - After


Tape off the cords on the back and all the seams, and spray away. Give it a look over and see if it needs two coats. Make sure you give it plenty of time to fully dry before you move it anywhere. 

There you have it! A great new stylish place to store all your beer or whatever other beverages you like to enjoy.


  • Use a piece of cardboard to hold behind where you are spraying so the paint doesn’t get all over your deck (or wherever you are spraying)
  • Put a small piece of tape over the screws so they don’t get all gunked up. That way you can still get at them later if need be.


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