How To Have A Clutter Free Home

How To Have A Clutter Free Home
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With spring upon us it’s the perfect time of year for a little tidying & de-cluttering! 

We also just moved, so having a new place to decorate involves making sure everything stays organized and tidy. I hate having any type of clutter, so I’ve gathered together some ways to keep your home and life a little more organized. 

I put together a few home organization hacks back in the summertime, and here I’ve gathered some more awesome de-cluttering tips. 

How To Have A Clutter Free Home


Add Shelves

Adding in some shelving helps to pick everything off the ground and display it in a neat manner. With your items off the ground, it will instantly make the room feel less messy and cluttered.  Here are a few DIY shelving ideas that I just adore. 

Adorable DIY shelf from burkatron.

Get A Dustbuster

I know these are totally like 2000’s, but they’re honestly great for picking up a few crumbs on your floor or couch.

Sweeping the couch just isn’t gonna work, and ain’t nobody got time for pulling out the big vacuum every time you eat a muffin. Also, stepping on crumbs with bare feet is the absolute worst, so clearing up that floor with a dustbuster will be so simple and quick. Store it beside or under your couch for easy access. 


Purge Your Closet

You know you’ve got at least one pair of jeans and a dress or two that you reeeeally aren’t ever going to wear again. Go through your clothes, and anything you haven’t worn the past few months, toss it in a bag and donate it

It’ll feel so good to have a cleaner looking closet, and you’re helping others out by donating your clothes. 


Hang Your Coat Up

I know I’ve definitely gotten in the habit of tossing my coat over the kitchen chair when I get home, and it just creates such a messy look to the room. 

Keep reminding yourself to go straight to the closet to hang up your coat when you get home, or install some hooks right by your front door for easier access. This way you won’t have piles of coats taking over your kitchen.


Get In The Dishwasher Habit

Nothing’s worse than a huge pile of dirty dishes overflowing in the sink. It screams clutter. 

Many houses have a dishwasher, yet so many people let the sink pile up with dirty dishes. Get in the habit of placing your dishes directly in the dishwasher when you’re done with them. 

Set a time (nighttime works great) to turn the dishwasher on, and unload it right in the morning while you’re making your coffee. This way it’ll be empty and ready to be loaded again throughout the day.  

This really comes down to being lazy about loading and unloading it. It takes maybe 3 minutes to unload the dishwasher, and that’s about the time your coffee will take too. Remind yourself to do it and it’ll become habit. 


Use Catch-Alls

What I mean by catch-alls is designated places to hold miscellaneous things.

For example, a little dish on your kitchen counter for your keys or change. Maybe a basket in the living room for extra pillows and blankets. 

This stops items from being strewn across the counter or floor, making your house look cluttered. I totally get that some things don’t always have a place, and that’s whats great about having a catch-all – you can throw really whatever you need to in there and it’ll look better than before!


A big aspect of having a clutter free home is about putting in a little bit of work yourself. Most items that cause clutter are due to our own personal laziness. Tossing coats on chairs, leaving crumbs after we eat – these messes can be avoided just by putting in a little effort. 

Once you get yourself into the habits of putting your stuff in their place, it’ll be second nature and you won’t even have to work at having a tidy home. 


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