Farmhouse Christmas Decor

If I had all the money in the world and a clean slate, you bet I’d deck my house out in everything farmhouse decor. And now it’s the holidays!? Don’t even get me started with farmhouse Christmas decor.

Alas, I have to make do with what I already have, and it’s a little out of my price range to revamp my entire house. But a girl can dream, amiright!?

I scoured Amazon and found some amazing farmhouse inspired pieces that would be absolutely perfect for the holidays. 

Farmhouse Holiday Decor on Amazon

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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Where do you find your farmhouse decor? And better yet, your holiday decor!?

I’m a big fan of mixing the old traditional decorations with a few new pieces every year. I love traditional pieces I grew up having around (even though they may be suuuper dated & maybe a little gaudy LOL) – they just make me so happy getting a glimpse of them in my home! 

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Don’t worry, I gotchu.

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