Gift Ideas For Mom And Dad + Tips On Gift Brainstorming

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Oh the season of giving!

With Christmas coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking of the gifts you want to get your family! I love seeking out presents for my family & coming up with creative personal gifts that I know they’ll love. 

Two very important people that deserve all the gifts in the world are your mom & dad! They’ve done an incredible job raising you and deserve the world when it comes to Christmas. But do ya know how expensive the world is?? (Probably very.) 

So I’ve gathered some awesome gifts perfect for the ma and pa in your life. 


Gifts For Mom




Sephora Gift Card or ProductsGift Guide For Parents




If you have a little extra dough to spend:


KitchenAid Mixer


 A New Camera (love me some Canons!)

Other Ideas

A Gift Card to a Spa

Makeup Case – I love mine from Stella & Dot!

Personalized Jewelry 

If she’s the “cool mom” check out this gift guide for girls!



Gifts For Dad




Sports Team Merch


Their Fave Movie Collection


If you have a little extra dough to spend:


 Tool Set



Gift Guide For Mom and Dad


Other Ideas


Water Bottle

Pictures of his kids!

Or check out a full gift guide for guys here!



Gift Brainstorming

Christmas can end up being a stressful time due to going over budget, and trying to please everyone.  But that’s not what it should be about!

It should be about spending time with family and appreciating all that you have around you. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for gifts, DIY gifts are great. They’re inexpensive and so much more personal. 

Aren’t parents the hardest to shop for!? You wish you could give them the world, they seldom will give you suggestions, and most of the time they’ll end up buying what they want for themselves (at least that’s what I’ve always dealt with.) 

I always keep a running note in my phone to jot down any gift suggestions throughout the year of items that may be mentioned in conversation. Notice their phone case is chipping? Write down a new one as a suggestion! See that there tea towels could use a little upgrading? Jot it down! 

Not only is having a list helpful by the time Christmas (or their birthdays!) come around, these gifts I feel are even more thoughtful because you’ve clearly been listening and paying attention to their lives enough to think up these gifts that they haven’t even asked for. 

And that’s what it’s really about isn’t it!? Showing your loved ones that you love them!

The very best gift of all is spending time with your family. Have a nice dinner, play some fun games – experiences and time spent together means so much more than some plastic presents. 


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