Gift Guide For Guys

Gift Guide For Guys

Always struggling on what to get for your guy on his birthday? Christmas? Anniversaries!?

Yeah, me too. 

But after so many years of celebrating the men in my life, I’ve come up with some pretty solid ideas for gifts that always fly. 

This gift guide is based mostly off of gifts I have or will give to my boyfriend. Some of them I would gift to my dad, and some maybe to some guy friends. 

It’s a pretty well rounded list, so it really should cater to your guy, no matter what they’re into. 

Gift Guide For Guys

– Clothes (my guy’s favourite H&M shirt)

Bluetooth Speaker (waterproof too!)

– Belt

– Saxx Underwear

– Watch

– Homemade Baked Goods

– Alcohol (check out my instagram for how I gifted alcohol in a cute way!)

– Wallet 

– Nightstand organizer (this one looks very cool!)

– Keychain Screwdrivers & Bottle Opener

– Tickets to a concert (I got Justin Jason Aldean tickets a few years back!)

– Portable Charger (I’ve heard these ones are good!)

– Baseball cap

– Dollar Shave Club (for your bearded men)

– Earbuds (or headphones, whatever your guy prefers)

– Barbecue Tools

– Beer Pouch Hoodie (too hilarious)


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Hopefully this sparked some ideas on what to get those men in your life! What are some of your favourite things to gift your guy!?



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