Anxiety | 3 Ways to Calm Yourself Down




Has it ever been a busy month! 

September was so incredibly busy for me and I’m still trying to pack down a solid schedule. With school being crazy, and a few health issues arising, I’ve been having a tough time getting everything done that I want to. And because of that, blogging is getting put on the back burner (sad face). 

These next few weeks are also going to be super busy – midterm & project season, Vegas next weekend (yay!), among other things. The trip next weekend will be super fun and a nice break, but it being right in the middle of all this craziness at school gets me a little anxious (okay, a lot anxious.)

I have so many projects and quizzes due right before and afterwards, I’m having a hard enough time remembering every project and test to study for, let alone actually finding the time to do all of it. 

And among all of this, I’m back to daily headaches again due to eye strain. I visited the eye doctor last week and my new glasses should arrive sometime next week. Praying they will rid of the headaches because I cannot go back to how they were before my NUCCA treatment

So overall, accomplishing all of my school work (which is 100% online assignments) has been very difficult with headaches and sore eyes! Haven’t wanted to spend more time on the computer & my phone than I’ve needed to. Missing out on blogging + school + headaches equals a little too much anxiety for me to handle.


Now about this anxiety thing – I never really dealt with anxiety at all up until a few years ago. Personally, my anxiety gets built up when I start getting worried about something and I bottle things up and it just builds and builds until I snap and have a panic attack. I feel so scared, my heart beats out of my chest, and I don’t feel like I can control my emotions. I hate being out of control like that. 

With all that’s been on my plate lately, this anxiety has built up big time. And I’ve had to learn how to handle it better because life moves on even if I don’t want it to, and a brotha’s still got shit to do (lol.)

Now enough of the blabbering – here are a few ways I have found to help with anxiety and stress.

Three Simple Ways To Handle Stress


1. Repeat After Me, “It Is Going To Be Okay”

No matter how much it seems like the end of the world, you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s all going to be okay. Things will get better, this stuff will pass, and you will be happy. 

If I start doubting myself and getting worked up, I continue to tell myself that it’s all going to be okay, no matter what. Literally though, I will repeat that in my head to get the point across. (I mean, you can say it out loud to yourself if you really want, you just might get a few funny looks though.)  

2. Have A Security Item

Having something with you at all time to remind yourself that everything will be fine can really help to put your mind at ease. For me, having my cell phone with me when I’m out of the house lets me know I always have a line of communication to whoever I need to talk to, and that helps to calm myself down. Even just holding it in my hand puts me at ease.

Maybe you have a scarf that makes you feel more safe, or a piece of jewelry to remind you – anything that puts a sense of calm into your mind. 


Three Simple Ways To Handle Anxiety


3. Eat!

I know for me, when I get anxious I tend to forget to eat. That sick to my stomach feeling really pushes me away from eating anything. But that only makes things worse! 

Have breakfast in the morning, even if it’s something small. Pack yourself a healthy lunch. Put a little treat for yourself in there to brighten up your mood! No one can be sad eating a cupcake.

I completely understand that everyone deals with anxiety in their own way, and thus has to cope with it in their way. These are just a few of the ways I’ve been learning to cope, and I hope they can help you too!

What other things do you do to deal with anxiety? 

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