My Legs Are Two Different Lengths | NUCCA Treatment for Migraines


Yep, you heard that right. 

So let’s start from the beginning. 

Hi, I’m Jamie, and I’ve gotten migraines since I was eight years old. 

When I was thirteen years old I got two major concussions in one year that landed me in the hospital both times. 

And just recently I got hurt at work and ended up with another concussion. I briefly talked about all these concussions here.

Throwback to my second concussion of 2009 (the paramedics clearly thought it was funny).

So basically I’m really messed up in the head. (hehe)

No but seriously, I struggle with headaches on a daily basis and I’ve tried everything under the sun to look for a cure to all this.

So I’ve been on the hunt for yet another treatment I could try. 

My grandma had a friend who dealt with concussions like me, and she suggested the treatment that she had undergone. It’s a type of chiropractic called NUCCA. Basically, it specializes in this bone in your neck called the atlas, putting it back in place to help with tons of issues you may be having, including concussions & migraines. Check out their website for an actual explanation. Honestly, it’s actually super neat and interesting. 

I then booked an appointment to see if I would even be a good candidate for this type of procedure, because for some people this may not work.

I went in, and I had to give all of my medical background, and undergo all these random tests to see if this practice will even work for me. Most chiropractic places do the leg length check. You lie on the table with your feet extended and they measure how even your feet are with each other. 

Basically mine were totally not, and that showed I was a good candidate for this procedure (among other tests I underwent)!

So I got x-rays done so they could see where they needed to do the adjustments on my neck, and I came back the following day for the treatment. 

NUCCA Treatment

She began with checking my feet; yep, still uneven. She did the treatment, checked my feet again, and boom, even! It weirds me out honestly. 

I got a second set of x-rays done to make sure the atlas (bone in my neck) had actually made improvements, and yep, it had!

Perfect, on the right track. I went back the next day (yes, third day in a row) for a follow-up appointment to make sure everything has stayed in place. And low and behold, it has!

So now comes the waiting game. I will go back once a week for six weeks to make sure everything is staying in place and I am on the right track to healing. It’s completely unknown when I will start to feel better.

Fingers crossed this is finally a treatment that can work for me! 

Do you suffer from migraines, or have had a concussion? What have you done to treat it? Let me know!


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