Three Weeks

Three weeks. I sat at home for three weeks, unable to go out and do anything. A little television here and there, some baking to pass time, podcasts when it got really bad. Three weeks stuck at home and I was going crazy.

So why the hell was I at home for three weeks!? A concussion. Again.

Long story short I slipped on some wet grass, fell and smacked my head on the ground. Hard. There were bruises along my left arm and hip. Yeah, I fell hard.

Anywho, that left me stuck at home unable to accomplish really anything. Now, concussions and head injuries aren’t new to me. Let’s say we have an ongoing relationship that I reeeeeally wish I could run away from. It all started when I was about thirteen years old.


I played soccer, and twice in one year I ended up like this. Ball booted to the head, backboard, neck brace, the works. The beginning of my concussion career.

So fast forward seven years and here we are again, same boat. Only I wasn’t playing a sport, I’m just dumb and fell.

I’d now been sitting at home for three weeks, bored out of my mind, scrolling through social media, trying to pass the time. And hey! I figured it out. Why not start a blog, I mean, I’ve got the time, right? So here we are. Welcome!

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