21 Things To Do In My Twenty First Year

So I turned 21 on Sunday May 15th, yay!

Here’s a quick recap on my birthday:

Birthday weekend started Friday after work! Justin let me open one present, and it was Ticket to Ride . I’m a big board game person, and this game is so much fun.

You basically get destination tickets from one city to another, and you have to try and build your train connecting the two cities. Just play it, I promise it makes more sense then. 

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My Daily Makeup Routine


Makeup Routine

I’ve used the same makeup products for quite some time now, so I thought I would share my daily makeup routine! 

I’m not that great or adventurous with makeup really, but I like a little bit to make myself look put together. Justin’s always telling me I don’t look very different with or without makeup, and I’m never sure whether to take that as a compliment, or insult on my makeup abilities lol. 

Anywho, let’s start with face products!


Makeup Routine

I start with the Age Rewind Concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes. This thing is a god sent. Hands down the best concealer I’ve ever tried. Plus, it’s from the drug store, so I don’t have to drop big bucks either! I just use my fingertips to apply.

Next comes my “foundation”. I understand most people use this as a powder on top of liquid foundation, but I just like to use a kabuki brush to dust this over my skin to even it out a little. I don’t like the feeling of full foundation on my face, nor have I ever been able to make it look good anyways lol. 

This Hello Flawless powder from Benefit is awesome though. What isn’t awesome is the price tag, but oh well, you get what you pay for! 

Next comes blush!


Makeup Routine

I start with my Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics and make three little dots on each cheek. I use a flat fan like brush (clearly I know a lot about makeup) to blend that into my cheeks and up my cheekbones. I got the sample size in a kit a while back and loved it, and have found the smaller bottle much more manageable than the full size. Every time I need a refill, I just buy the full-size and continue to fill the small one (explaining why the label is rubbed off!)

I top that off with a shade from this ELF Blush Palette. I normally go for one of the two medium pink top shades. 

Sometimes I wear bronzer, but lately I have a bit of a tan so I’ve been skipping that step. Some of my favourites are Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer & ELF’s Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in “St. Lucia”.

Onto the eyes!


Makeup Routine

When I first started wearing makeup, my mom got me the Voluminous waterproof mascara by L’oreal, and I haven’t turned back since. I mean I’ve tried other mascaras, but nothing has ever done the trick like this one.

I start by curling my eyelashes with my Tweezerman eyelash curler – seriously the best, then apply my holy grail Voluminous Waterproof mascara to my upper and lower lashes.

And I can’t be the only person to inevitably always get mascara all over my lid??

So I wipe off the excess and then apply eyeliner.

I recently ran out of my fave Stila Stay All Day liner, and wanted to look for a cheaper alternative anyways. I heard good things of NYX’s Super Skinny Eye Marker, and boy were they right. It goes on so nice, it’s super easy to apply, and it stays all day long without smudging. Yesssssss.

I finish off my makeup with the Makeup Mist & Set from ELF, and badaboom, done!

Makeup Routine

Now lately I haven’t been wearing this makeup because I work outside doing labour for the summer, so I’m all dirty and gross anyways. But! My twenty-first birthday is tomorrow so you bet I’ll be rocking it! Check out my instagram for any birthday shenanigans I may get into!

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My Top Binge Watching TV Shows

Top Binge Watching TV Shows

With the amazing invention that is streaming services such as Netflix and Shomi, binge watching television shows is basically the only way to watch them nowadays.

I’ve never really been a reality tv show watcher – just can’t get into it.

But dramas, those are my jam. 

So here are my top tv shows that I have loved binge watching.

And yes Netflix I am still watching, thank you. 
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Five Remedies For The Flu

Five Remedies For The Flu

I probably have one of the worst immune systems of all time. 

I even worked in a daycare for a year and a half and my immune system still didn’t even toughen up. (And there’s a lot of friggin germs to get used to there bro).

That being said, it’s inevitable that at least three times a year, I’m gonna get a horrible cold.

I usually expect it around September (back to school season), January (Christmas Break) & springtime – I don’t know about this one. 

So I have compiled my top five tips on dealing with this cursed flu and trying to make it go away as quick as possible. 

Did I mention I have the nastiest flu right now? I sound like a whiny old man (so cute).

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