Why Dads Are Awesome

Why Dads Are Awesome

Since it’s Father’s Day, I figured what better time than to celebrate the dad’s in our lives!

My dad is awesome. He’s so unbelievably loving and caring and always wants the best for me. He’s always there to support me in whatever I am doing, and is constantly cheering me on (mostly through a plethora of emojis). I totally get my sense of humor from him – sarcastic & goofy. 

I thought it would be fun to reminisce on some typical “dad things” my dad has done.

Let me know the crazy silly things your dad does to brighten your day!

Oh, Dads.

Every time we’re at a restaurant and the waitress comes over with the debit machine, dad has to put it up to his ear and pretend it’s an old school cell phone.

Dad really likes to give the peace sign.

Asks for stuff for birthday; buys it for himself anyway.

Do bunny ears in a photo really still have to be a thing?

“I’m hungry.” “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.”

I still don’t understand why there are capital letters in the middle of words in their text messages

My dad calls Justin (my boyfriend) The Biebs…

Always claiming how “hip” & “rad” he is

Dad: “I can’t wait until tomorrow.” Me: “Why?” Dad: “Because I get better looking every day!”
Why Dads Are Awesome - Grad


Why Dads Are Awesome - Kid


Why Dads Are Awesome - Baby

My dad might be goofy but I love him with all I’ve got. Go tell your dads you love them! And let me know on Instagram & Twitter if your dads do any of these goofy things!


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