What I Wish I Knew Before Moving Out

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Life is definitely full of so much trial and error. Especially when it comes to finding the place you’re going to live. 

Not that I regret moving out of my parents house into my own apartment with my boyfriend AT ALL, but there are a few things that would have been nice to know first. Some I can totally get not knowing until you experience yourself, but others I am here to share with you to give ya a little heads up.

So a little background to begin with so you know my situation:

I currently live in an apartment with my boyfriend of five years, and we both moved out of our parents houses in August of 2015. We really didn’t have to worry about the apartment hunting process, because Justin’s sister was finishing up her lease and moving out of town, so we were just taking over her place! It definitely made it easier. 

We now live in a different apartment building, one that we hunted for ourselves last summer. Moving was to get a bigger place with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Otherwise, there was really nothing wrong with our first apartment – it was great (just tiny!)

Now, with moving twice in the last two years and having two very different apartment experiences, I’m here to share some insight and knowledge into this whole apartment/moving out situation. 

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving Out


It’s Okay To Be Picky

Hunt around for what you want. I totally get having a budget and you may not be able to get the newest or biggest place (which is totally fine!) But remind yourself that you will be living here. Eating, sleeping, pooping. Ya gotta be comfortable. 

When you’re hunting for places, doing so online is definitely the easiest. Use whatever classified site your area has, and see what your options are. Even just google what you’re looking for in your area. 

Make sure you do a full walk through when you decide to go look at places. Try and pay attention to the little things. Are you hearing a bunch of noise from the upstairs tenants? What kind of shape are the walls and cupboards in?

If the building you’re looking into has a website, check out the management or the builder. Do they have reviews? Anything negative about the builder or management could be a definite red flag. 

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

You Don’t Need Seven Cutting Boards

I wish this was an exaggeration when I say I have at least seven cutting boards. And is that necessary? Of course not! I was the type of person who slowly gathered up a bunch of our home stuff before we moved out. Which I definitely still think is a good idea (otherwise you’re dropping hundreds of dollars all at once to fill your cupboards.)

But, I definitely went a little overboard. You tend to compare what you need to your parents’ kitchens, forgetting the fact that they’ve probably accumulated most of their items over the course of years. And if your parents live in a house, there tends to be more storage space than in apartment buildings. 

There’s some kitchen essentials that I would say your kitchen needs, some fun stuff, and a point of going totally overboard. Find your balance. 


It’s Okay To Be Cheap

Now I don’t mean about choosing your new place – you don’t wanna be living in a shit hole lol. What I mean is, with these newfound expenses you now have, it’s okay not to go out for dinner or buy everything name brand. 

Your budget is gonna be a lot tighter, and to help with that, there is no shame in staying home. And I don’t mean to say that’s a bad thing! It’s so easy to have a good time while staying in. Invite some friends over, play some games, and hey – you don’t have to worry about getting a DD or an Uber to get yourself home cause you’re already there. 

When it comes to purchasing items, particularly from the grocery store, there ain’t no shame in buying the no name brand. Majority of the time it’s exactly the same as the name brand, but a lot cheaper. There’s definitely some products where the name brand sucks (ahem toilet paper), so prioritize what can be bought name brand and what is just fine being no name. Sometimes this takes a little trial and error.



Moving out can be a scary and daunting experience, but I promise it’s so worth it in the end. The responsibility it thrusts upon you is so important to becoming an adult, and it really helps you to see the priorities in your life. 


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