Travel Essentials You Never Thought Of

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With these cold winter months upon us, tons of people choose to jet set away to a warmer (tropical!) climate. And man am I ever envious of you right now. 

So far we have no plans to head out this winter, as we have to save up for a destination wedding we’re attending next year. But you can bet I will have all of these products when I set off!

Now, vacations are expensive enough as it is, but there’s a few items that just make the whole experience more enjoyable, y’know? Some of these products are just for fun, some are realistic and practical, and some are just life savers. 

So if you’ve got a tropical vacation upon you, buckle up your seat-belts (and put your tray tables up) cause here are the essentials you will need:

Travel Essentials You Never Thought Of Bringing


Beach Coverup

I love having a beach cover up to throw on over my bathing suit. Lots of restaurants at resorts require you to have clothes on to come in to eat, so this is a perfect way around that. Plus there are so many adorable cover ups out there! 



Now this may be a given for some people, but body lotion is one thing I never think of bringing! The humidity in the air may be a drastic change from where you live, so your skin usually reacts differently than normal. Having some body lotion can be a definite life saver from itchy dry irritated skin. 


Instant Camera

An instant camera can be such a fun way of capturing the fun moments of your trip. The Fuji Instax Mini 8 Camera is a super popular instant camera, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.
Travel Essentials - Fujifilm


Beach Bag

I like to have a small bag with me when I go down to the pool or the beach. There’s just some essentials a girls gotta have with her at all times (not to mention, where else are ya gonna put your room key!?)



I”m not one to wear hats on a regular basis, so this one I have a hard time remembering to throw in my suitcase. A baseball cap, a floppy hat – anything to shade your face from that harsh sun. Not to mention, burning your part line in your hair is not a pleasant experience! 


Passport Cover

Having a passport cover is super handy, especially if you’re travelling with other people and you’re carrying all the passports! It helps you differentiate which one is yours, and there’s a space to slip in your ticket or receipts. This floral passport cover from Indigo is so so adorable. 


Cardigan or Flannel

When you’re jet setting off to that sunny southern place, you don’t think about dressing warm at all. But the nights can sometimes get a little breezy, so a cardigan or flannel is necessary!


Memory Cards & Chargers

If you’re a big picture taker, forgetting a memory card can be your worst nightmare. Better bring two! What goes along with that is chargers – make sure you have the one for your camera, tablets, computers and phone!



Pre-Travel Tips

Before you jet-set away on vacay, there’s a few things you’ve got to get covered first. 

  • Paint those toesies! When your feet are stuffed in winter boots for months at a time, you tend to forget about your toenail color. Opt for a full pedicure, or give them a coat of paint yourself! They’ll look oh so cute in your strappy sandals on the beach. 
  • Take care of those pearly whites! Vacations usually involve lots of pictures, and you want to have nice and shiny teeth for those pictures! White With Style offers a super inexpensive teeth whitening kit that’s super simple to use! Make sure to use my code “JamieN” at checkout to get it for only $28 (almost 90% off!)
  • Clean your house! Coming home from vacation to a messy house is a no go. Tidying up a bit, making sure there’s no dishes in the sink (that could mold!) and maybe even washing your sheets is a good way to prepare your house for return. You’re gonna be sad when you get home from vacation (because you’re no longer on vacation) so you might as well make sure your house is as cozy as possible. 

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