My Top Binge Watching TV Shows

Top Binge Watching TV Shows

With the amazing invention that is streaming services such as Netflix and Shomi, binge watching television shows is basically the only way to watch them nowadays.

I’ve never really been a reality tv show watcher – just can’t get into it.

But dramas, those are my jam. 

So here are my top tv shows that I have loved binge watching.

And yes Netflix I am still watching, thank you. 



I had never heard of this show before Justin had just found it on Netflix. Basically the plot is that animals are now becoming smart enough to realize humans are no longer predators. 

Trust me, it’s so super cool and you should check it out. It only has one season so far, but I have heard a season two will be coming, 

Find on Netflix.


The 100

We found this show when it only had one season and no one really talked about it. The acting was sub-par, but the plot was super cool so we stuck around. Basically the earth became radioactive, people now live in space, it’s been hundreds of years and they decide to send one hundred delinquent teens to Earth to see if it’s livable yet. Kind of hard to explain, but it’s a neat concept.

Season two was incredible, and this show blew up. I haven’t even been able to finish season three because it’s been hard to get into, so let me know if it picks up. 

But the first two seasons are definitely worth giving a watch.

Find all three seasons on Netflix.

The 100


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A hilarious comedy about a police precinct in New York with a wonderful type of humor, a bit of a “The Office” kind of feel. Andy Samberg is wonderful. 

Find all three seasons on Netflix.

Brooklyn Nine Nine



Justin showed me UnReal before it was on any streaming service and we had to find it online. But it has recently been put on shomi, yes!

This is a show about a show. Okay confusing. It’s about the film crew and behind the scenes of their show, Everlasting, that is basically the same thing as The Bachelor. It shows what the producers do to get the girls to act the way they do on those shows – catty, drunk, slutty, all that jazz.

It’s very interesting, and apparently true – I guess one of the producers on this show actually worked on The Bachelor, and it’s based upon that. 

Find the first season on shomi.


Fuller House

For obvious reasons, duh.

No but seriously I was obsessed with Full House back in the day – I own every season on DVD and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least five times. 

So with this reboot comes the same cheesy family values, mixed with a bunch of throwbacks to old episodes, which I adore.

Find season one on Netflix.

Fuller House


Shameless (U.S)

Six kids, drunk father, non-existent mother living in the slums of Chicago, doing their thing, completely shameless. It’s raunchy and oh so wonderfully hilarious, yet an awesome drama. 

Oh and make sure to watch the American version, not the U.K version.

Find the first five seasons on shomi.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either streaming service, and these links are based upon Canadian services, so sorry if they are not available in your country!
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