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Many of you may not know that I’m a huge Disney fan. Slightly embarrassing and childish, but I just love the messages Disney films put out, and not to mention everything they make is just so well done and too adorable.

Today we’re taking it back to the early 2000’s – to the shows I grew up watching on Disney Channel (Family Channel in Canada).  

Here are my Top Ten Disney Channel Shows from the 2000’s:

Animated Series

The Weekenders

I loved coming home from school everyday, grabbing a snack and watching this show. I’ve definitely seen every episode at least five times.

Kim Possible

The prime example of being stuck in the friend zone. But for real, I loved pretending to be a spy, so this show was my jam. And can we talk about the pointy boobs?

Kim Possible

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Seriously underrated spin-off series. One of my all time favourite Disney movies, so this spin-off series was great. I’ve looked everywhere for them on DVD, but I cannot find them for the life of me.


I totally forgot about this one, but another detective/crime kind of show about a bad kid turned good working as safety patrol at their middle school. Yes. So fantastic. 


The Proud Family

Enough said.

Live Action

Lizzie McGuire

Just the best for life lessons and over the top middle school drama. 

Lizzie McGuire

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

So funny and corny, I loved the characters in this show. 

That’s So Raven

Who practiced their vision face after watching this show? Yeah, exactly. Her hilarious personas she put on to try and fix things made this show. 

That's So Raven

Flight 29 Down

Basically the kid version of Lost. One time they marathon-ed this on Family Channel and I taped every episode on VHS. Yeah I probably still have it…

Smart Guy

Ah Tahj Mowry. Just the cutest little brainy kid. 

Obviously there are so many other amazing shows that Disney Channel has produced, and if you guys would like some more top tens for Disney, let me know, I’d love to do them!

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