How To Stain Wood Furniture


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We recently moved into a new apartment  (YAY!), but we still have all IKEA furniture. And when I say all, I mean literally all of our furniture is from IKEA. 

Don’t get me wrong, I looove me some IKEA. But we’ve gotten to the point where we just want to mix things up a bit – have a little more style to the decor in our home. 

All of our furniture is black, so I really wanted to add in some nice wood to pop against it and make a bit of a statement. 

Now if you venture out to any real furniture stores, wood furniture can get so friggin pricey! So scratch that, we had to come up with a new plan. 

In comes a lovely donation from Justin’s parent’s – an old wooden coffee table that’s been sitting in their basement for years without use. Awesome!

But for us, it was a little too light and orangey colored. And how did we fix that?

With stain of course!

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Home Organization Hacks

Home Organization Hacks 2


Moving into a new place recently, my mind is definitely in home decor mode. I purged a ton of stuff while moving, and I’m ready to get things organized. 

I’ve definitely always been the type of person who needs things organized – no clutter for me. Being thrown a tiny apartment with little to no storage space has given me the challenge of finding the shortcuts to organization. And thus I’ve come up with some awesome DIYs and ideas for organization and storage and I’m so happy to share those with you today!

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