Home Decor Hacks For Twenty-Somethings

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really know how to do this whole adult thing. 

I mean, we’re not reeeeally taught how to do anything, and every day is kind of just another day to wing it. One thing that can really show our age is the way we present our home. 

Young adults and/or college kids tend to have a bit of a stereotype when it comes to the way their house or apartment is going to be. 

  • Dishes everywhere
  • Pantry stalked with instant meals and ramen noodles
  • Laundry piled high
  • What’s a vacuum?

You get the picture. And you don’t want that persona, do ya!?

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Apartment Hacks You Need To Know

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Living in an apartment & renting is a great way to start your life on your own away from your parents. 

But it doesn’t come without cons. 

Renting normally means you can’t paint, put any holes in the walls – really not changing a single thing. Not to mention apartments usually have little to no storage space.

So how do you make your living space yours, as well as finding space for all your stuff!?

Here are a few hacks and tips I’ve picked up along the way in living in a few different apartments over the years.

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Home Organization Hacks

Home Organization Hacks 2


Moving into a new place recently, my mind is definitely in home decor mode. I purged a ton of stuff while moving, and I’m ready to get things organized. 

I’ve definitely always been the type of person who needs things organized – no clutter for me. Being thrown a tiny apartment with little to no storage space has given me the challenge of finding the shortcuts to organization. And thus I’ve come up with some awesome DIYs and ideas for organization and storage and I’m so happy to share those with you today!

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