DIY Farmhouse Style Tabletop

DIY Farmhouse Table

I’ve always been a huge fan of the farmhouse style for your home, especially in the kitchen. 

The only downside to loving this style has been the price tag that comes with some of these products! Some decor pieces and furniture can get pretty pricey, and it’s not overly in my budget to shell out that much cash on home decor. 

Our kitchen table got pretty scratched up in our latest move (3rd move in less than 18 months… yeah), and we were looking to upgrade anyways.

I always wanted a big wooden, farmhouse inspired table, but that just wasn’t going to be in the budget (also we don’t eat at the table thaaat much, so I wasn’t about to shell out hundreds of dollars on a table that’s mostly just decoration LOL.)

We threw around the idea of completely building ourselves a table (which is still going to happen someday!), but that also came with a bit of a price tag and was a lot of work for the one day we had allotted to get this project done LOL. 

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DIY Gifts Your Family Will Love

DIY Gifts

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Oh the holidays, how lovely you are. The season of giving is so special. But should you have to choose between a new Xbox One for your little brother, or rent!? No! Priorities are still set in place, so here’s a quick alternative to blowing all your money on presents. 


Hell yeah I went there. I’ve gathered up some awesome DIY gifts to give to your friends and family that aren’t total crap, they’ll actually love, and you won’t break the bank making them. 

If you’re looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your home for the holidays as well, check out this post for great ideas.

Now onto the crafting!


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Holiday Home Decor On A Budget


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The tree, the lights – oh how Christmas decorations just amp up your home. There’s not much better than seeing the snowmen figures and twinkling lights when you come in your house. It just makes it feel so much cozier. 

But if you haven’t noticed, Christmas decorations can sometimes come up pretty pricey. Especially if you get tired of the same decorations and want a few new ones each year!

So I’ve been on the hunt for some easy & inexpensive decor items that won’t break the bank! A little DIY and finding cheaper alternatives are just a few ways to help save your bank account this holiday season. 

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DIY Key Rack

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The one thing that absolutely everyone has is keys. You may not have a car, but you gotta get into your house somehow am I right!? 

And what’s the one thing that a lot of people lose often? Keys. 

Now it’s a proven fact (from me) that when things have a special place to be stored, they’re less likely to be lost.

So the logical explanation here is to create a special place for those little keys of yours to prevent their ultimate loss and save you future grief – AKA running around the house like a mad man trying to leave for work in the morning unable to find your keys. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

I got inspired to make my adorable key rack from this design for a key rack and catch-all. I thought it was so cute! Only thing was, was that it’s a little too big for any wall in our small apartment. So I had to get creative, and we came up with this simple but cute design.

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