Spring Cleaning – Declutter Your Mind

Spring Cleaning Declutter Your Mind

Every spring, people jump into that whole “Spring Cleaning” spirit. Declutter your house, go on a rampage of dusting and sweeping every nook and cranny.

But what about those millions of jumbled up thoughts in your head? Ever think those need a bit of decluttering as well? 

I don’t know if it’s just because I”m at a busy and difficult time in my life right now, or that with spring coming along I’m wanting to start things fresh, but I truly am ready to clear my mind and rid it of all the craziness going on inside.

So in spring cleaning spirit, I’m here to work on relaxing and decluttering that crazy brain! Time to let go of the things bogging you down, relax and start fresh!

Steps To Decluttering Your Mind


It’s not the end of the world – no really

I’ve really been working on not letting myself get so worked up over the silliest of things. When I start to get worked up or stressed out over something, I think to myself, “Am I going to die over this!? Is my entire life going to completely alter because of this!?” Majority of the time, of course not. No matter what, it is going to be okay.

Take time for you

It is so important to take the time for yourself to do what you enjoy, & relax. Whether that be taking a bubble bath, catching up on your favourite TV show, or getting drunk on Friday night with your friends (or alone, no judgement), you have to take that time to do something that makes life worthwhile.

If you continue to drone on with the 9-5 lifestyle without any fun for yourself, you’ll begin to hate the things your doing and the people you’re around (sorry coworkers).

Take Time For Yourself - Declutter Your Mind

Spread the love 

How good does it feel when someone truly shows that they love you? The best, right? Well honestly, it feels even better to show the people you love that you love them too. Hug more, smile more, appreciate more.

It instantly pipes up your mood and reminds you how truly grateful you are for the people in your life, which makes you feel so happy, forgetting about all the mumbo jumbo in your brain. 

Pick up a new hobby

This has helped so much! My new hobby has become, you guessed it, blogging! 

It feels so good to start something brand new and be learning again. With learning obviously comes failures and hardships, but also success! That type of success of teaching yourself something new truly makes you feel really good about yourself. And confidence is key, right?

I love the feeling of now knowing something that I didn’t before, and being able to thank myself for that. Plus, I get all giddy and excited when I get to sit down and create something.

Pick Up A New Hobby - Declutter Your Mind

I’m still working on letting myself be truly happy and not getting caught up in all the stresses of life. I know it’s difficult, but in the end, all anyone wants to be is happy, right? Working on yourself should be your number one priority, and in turn that makes you such a better person to those around you. 

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