Six Rainy Day Activities

Six Rainy Day Activities

So the past few weeks here have been pretty darn rainy – which is good considering all of the forest fires that have been happening in Alberta. 

But! When it’s rainy, it means lots of my favourite activities can no longer happen (sad face).

I’ve gotten pretty creative, and found out six ways to still have fun on those rainy indoor days. 


Six Rainy Day Activities (For Adults)


Movie Marathon

Pick your favourite movie series and marathon them! Grab a few friends, some snacks, and maybe even make a drinking game out of it if that’s your thing. (ex. drink every time Ron says “bloody hell”)

A few of my favourites include Harry Potter, Die Hard, and Fast & Furious.

Bake a New Treat

Scroll through Pinterest and choose a new treat you’ve been dying to try! Oh and pour yourself a glass of wine, it tends to make you bake better.

You could even try my Homemade Soft Pretzels if you’d like, I hear they’re pretty good 😉

Six Rainy Day Activities

Game Night

Choose your best board games, a friend or two and battle it out! Not only does this let loose your competitive side (mines a little large), but it can make you think in a different way. Mix in a game of Sociables with your board game and you’re having a hoot.

I love Scattergories, The Game of Life and Mastermind

Do You Girl

Have a bath, binge watch a tv show, pour a (large) glass of wine and just let yourself relax in whatever way works for you.

The sound of rain is super soothing, to me, so why not get yourself all comfortable and take advantage. 

Six Rainy Day Activities

Have a Fiesta

Pull out the blender, grab some margarita & pina colada mix and whip up some fancy slushy drinks.

Add some nachos and you’re having the best damn Mexican time. 

Practice Your Hobby

Whatever your hobby may be – knitting, gaming, drawing – take this indoor time to practice!

Work on improving your skills and getting even better at what you’re doing.

Recently I have been working on learning how to use our DSLR camera to get better at photography for my blog & Instagram (@jamienoonan)!


I hope this helped spur some ideas for those rainy days stuck indoors. If you try any of these, snap a picture and tag me in it so I can see! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for your delightful blog. I am a mom of a millenial, and I came here looking for clues and insights as to “how it is nowadays” and feel so, what is the word, relieved to find your mature blog giving such awesome advice. I hope your folks are very proud of you. I will share w/my daughters.

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