Your First Apartment | Preparing To Move Out

First Apartment

Moving out for the first time into an apartment is so exciting! You’re gaining that independence from your parents in a whole new and exciting way. More freedom, more space – more responsibility. 

Once you’ve made that first step in deciding to make the big move, there’s a few steps you can take to make the transition a lot smoother. 

Though it’s super exciting and all you want to do is pick a place and show up with the clothes on your back, there’s a few key things that should be covered first. 

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How To Find The Motivation To Work Out

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Getting into a routine that actually includes working out into your schedule is not easy. I get it.

I’ve tried numerous times to add fitness into my daily and weekly routines, and of course there is always some excuse why I can’t find time, why it just can’t happen this week. And I’m tired of that!

Working out and being healthy is so important, and it really can be enjoyable too. Finding what works for you, your body, and your schedule is the key to success.

For me, getting to a gym is the hardest part. I’m gonna be real – I’m so afraid of being that girl who has absolutely no idea where to go, how to use things and really how long I should be there. And ain’t no student got the money to afford a trainer to walk me through things. 

But it is possible to gain some motivation, push past the hard or embarrassing stuff and become the healthy version of you that you’re always striving for. 

So here I have for you some awesome ways to boost your motivation to work out and become an overall healthier person. 

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Pumpkin Recipes You’re Sure to Love



With fall time comes the inevitable explosion of everything pumpkin – and I’m really not that mad about it. Today we’re talking food, because if I got into everything pumpkin (hello, home decor!!) we’d be here til Christmas. 

I’m sorry to admit that I do not like PSL’s though. I know I know I’m killing my white girl status right now. 

Anywho, I’ve gathered together, for your convenience, a bunch of pumpkin recipes to try out this fall season. Some sweet treats, some snacks, yummy dinners and more. Enjoy!

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DIY Farmhouse Style Tabletop

DIY Farmhouse Table

I’ve always been a huge fan of the farmhouse style for your home, especially in the kitchen. 

The only downside to loving this style has been the price tag that comes with some of these products! Some decor pieces and furniture can get pretty pricey, and it’s not overly in my budget to shell out that much cash on home decor. 

Our kitchen table got pretty scratched up in our latest move (3rd move in less than 18 months… yeah), and we were looking to upgrade anyways.

I always wanted a big wooden, farmhouse inspired table, but that just wasn’t going to be in the budget (also we don’t eat at the table thaaat much, so I wasn’t about to shell out hundreds of dollars on a table that’s mostly just decoration LOL.)

We threw around the idea of completely building ourselves a table (which is still going to happen someday!), but that also came with a bit of a price tag and was a lot of work for the one day we had allotted to get this project done LOL. 

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