Monthly Memories | February & March 2017

I feel like I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog, but man oh man has life ever been crazy and busy. 

I’ve never had a start to a year have so many things thrown in my face. I feel like there’s been more happen in these past two and a half months then I’ve had in the past few years altogether. So many emotions have run through my body, and the most new to me has been grief.

We lost someone so near and dear to me in January and I still have no idea how to deal with this never ending pain. I truly take each day as a gift and have held my family closer than ever before. I hate to skim over this, because it clearly holds more importance than anything, but I’m really not ready to talk about it or even know how to form any of this into words.

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Cute DIY Shelves For The Home

Shelves are one of the greatest way of adding some storage, decor and practicality all at the same time. There are so many different variations you can do for shelves – there’s practically endless possibilities. 

Sometimes shelves can be mighty expensive though (even if they’re literally just a piece of wood!).

They can be used in the bathroom for extra storage and a little decor, in the living room to hold photos and books, or in the office for a pop of color and art. 

With us moving within the next month, I’m so excited to experiment with our extra space by adding some cute shelving. 

I’ve gathered together some awesome DIY shelves from some talented bloggers, in order to save a few bucks but still have some adorable and practical units. 


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Travel Essentials You Never Thought Of

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With these cold winter months upon us, tons of people choose to jet set away to a warmer (tropical!) climate. And man am I ever envious of you right now. 

So far we have no plans to head out this winter, as we have to save up for a destination wedding we’re attending next year. But you can bet I will have all of these products when I set off!

Now, vacations are expensive enough as it is, but there’s a few items that just make the whole experience more enjoyable, y’know? Some of these products are just for fun, some are realistic and practical, and some are just life savers. 

So if you’ve got a tropical vacation upon you, buckle up your seat-belts (and put your tray tables up) cause here are the essentials you will need:

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How To Spread The Love This Valentine’s Day

How To Spread The Love This Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it’d be a great time to spread a little love. 

Now I’m not one who’s big on Valentine’s Day – my guy and I normally don’t do much, and we tend to pick up chocolate and goodies on the 15th when they’re all on sale LOL. But I don’t believe in Valentine’s being about being in a relationship, I think it should be all about spreading love. 

Love to your entire family, love to your friends, your co-workers – everyone around you. Letting the people you love know that you love and appreciate them is oh so important. Because you never really know if the time you spend with them is going to be the last. 

So for Valentine’s Day this year, I have a challenge for you – spread your love as far and wide as you can. Because people around you need it. And you need it .

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