I’m Feelin’ 22 | Twenty Second Birthday Bucket List

On Monday May 15th, I turned 22!

My day ended up being so relaxing, with a spontaneous day off (thanks to the rain!) and overall it was a very good birthday. 

Last year on my 21st, I put together a list of 21 things I wanted to accomplish in my 22nd year. You can find that post here.

Overall, I feel like I did a pretty decent job at accomplishing majority of the items on that list. Every so often I went back and checked things off and added in how I accomplished it, and it’s been pretty fun. 

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Mini Banana Cream Pie In A Jar

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I’ve always had a pretty big sweet tooth, especially after I eat a meal. I’m always craving something sweet after dinner, yet my boyfriend is the total opposite. He would definitely rather have seconds of dinner than some dessert.

So it puts me in a predicament of wanting to make something for dessert, but not wanting a whole dish to go to waste with me being the only one to eat it!

Lately I’ve been craving bananas so I wanted to make a little individual dessert that incorporated bananas. I hopped onto Pinterest to try and find a recipe and couldn’t really find one that worked with the ingredients I had at home. 

Thus, I threw one together myself.

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What You Actually Need For College

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With my first year of University recently coming to a close, I’ve learned the items that are absolutely necessary to have in college, and the ones that are a waste of money. 

Going back to school was a huge decision for me, and I’m so glad that I did.

It’s super exciting starting college, yet that excitement can cause you to buy a whole bunch of supplies that you don’t really need. 

Back at the beginning of the school year, I put together 10 Must Haves for College. Definitely go check out that post because I still agree that everything on that list was helpful throughout the school year.

Of course it varies with what school you’re going to and what program you’re taking, but in general terms, I’ve come up with the essential items that I personally used a lot, as well as the items that have just been a waste of money and you should skip out on. 

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Monthly Memories | April 2017

I sit here to write this as it is currently snowing like crazy outside. At the end of April.


Welcome to Alberta. Sigh.

Other than our never-ending winter, April has been a fun yet crazy month. We moved into our new place, I finished up my winter semester of school and we went camping two weekends in a row (in the snow!).

A busy month – that’s only going to get busier as the summer months come upon us. 

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