Our Mexico Trip 2016

Our Mexico Trip 2016

The last couple days we’ve been having some pretty dreary weather, so I thought I would throw it back and reminisce on our trip to Mexico last February! 

We had thought about taking a trip for awhile, but never really put any plans into action. 

At the beginning of January, Justin started looking online for some vacations. He ended up finding a good deal, and I took the plunge and said, “Hell, why not!” and we booked it for the thirty-first of January for an all inclusive one week vacation to Cabo. 

Eeeek! We were too pumped. And it would be our first big trip as just the two of us. 

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Spring Cleaning – Declutter Your Mind

Spring Cleaning Declutter Your Mind

Every spring, people jump into that whole “Spring Cleaning” spirit. Declutter your house, go on a rampage of dusting and sweeping every nook and cranny.

But what about those millions of jumbled up thoughts in your head? Ever think those need a bit of decluttering as well? 

I don’t know if it’s just because I”m at a busy and difficult time in my life right now, or that with spring coming along I’m wanting to start things fresh, but I truly am ready to clear my mind and rid it of all the craziness going on inside.

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Throwback TV Shows You Need To Watch



Many of you may not know that I’m a huge Disney fan. Slightly embarrassing and childish, but I just love the messages Disney films put out, and not to mention everything they make is just so well done and too adorable.

Today we’re taking it back to the early 2000’s – to the shows I grew up watching on Disney Channel (Family Channel in Canada).  

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