An Eerie Entryway | Halloween & Fall Decor Inspiration

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The fall season definitely comes with some of the best decor. The colors are so inviting and warm, and also adding in a little spookiness for the holidays is always fun. 

Your front step is what should be getting the most attention during the Halloween season! This is probably the time of year that it gets the most attention, and all those kids (and their parents!) are going to see if you put any effort into “spooking” up your porch. 

Unfortunately in my current home I don’t have much for a front step – just square concrete steps. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of the day I have a beautiful front porch!

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Staying Productive When You’re Stressed

Staying Productive When You're Stressed

Keeping on top of your game and getting all your shiz done can be so difficult when you add stress into the mix. 

I know what it’s like to be stressed. I’m a student, I’ve worked full time and done school at the same time, I’ve dealt with grief, depression, anxiety, money issues, self-esteem issues and all of the above at the exact same time. It ain’t easy. And when you’re that stressed, all you want to do is curl into a ball in bed and do absolutely nothing. I get it.

But even though you feel like your life may be crumbling and beating you to a pulp, the world around you keeps going. And you need to too. 

When it comes to being stressed (which is most of the time, lol) I’m decently good at doing the things that absolutely have to be done – like showing up to work and completing assignments on time. What I tend to skip out on is the other stuff like taking complete care of myself, spending time with friends, or putting more effort into my hobbies (aka blogging!).

And though they may not feel like absolute necessities, they’re still important! If they’re important to you deep down, they’re important to accomplish. 

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Your First Apartment | Preparing To Move Out

First Apartment

Moving out for the first time into an apartment is so exciting! You’re gaining that independence from your parents in a whole new and exciting way. More freedom, more space – more responsibility. 

Once you’ve made that first step in deciding to make the big move, there’s a few steps you can take to make the transition a lot smoother. 

Though it’s super exciting and all you want to do is pick a place and show up with the clothes on your back, there’s a few key things that should be covered first. 

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How To Find The Motivation To Work Out

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Getting into a routine that actually includes working out into your schedule is not easy. I get it.

I’ve tried numerous times to add fitness into my daily and weekly routines, and of course there is always some excuse why I can’t find time, why it just can’t happen this week. And I’m tired of that!

Working out and being healthy is so important, and it really can be enjoyable too. Finding what works for you, your body, and your schedule is the key to success.

For me, getting to a gym is the hardest part. I’m gonna be real – I’m so afraid of being that girl who has absolutely no idea where to go, how to use things and really how long I should be there. And ain’t no student got the money to afford a trainer to walk me through things. 

But it is possible to gain some motivation, push past the hard or embarrassing stuff and become the healthy version of you that you’re always striving for. 

So here I have for you some awesome ways to boost your motivation to work out and become an overall healthier person. 

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