Game Night In Ideas + Tips On Being The Best Hostess

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I don’t know about you, but I ain’t about dropping 50 bucks on a movie every week. Or on mini golf. Or pretty much any other event that costs a bunch of money for an evening out with friends. Of course once in a while is fun, but I definitely don’t have it in the budget to be spending that kind of money on entertainment. 

So that brings us to my favourite form of entertaining – staying at home!

That sounds super lame LOL. But I promise it’s not! We’re all about entertaining here at our house, and I love having people over. 

We’re big board and card game people, so we have gathered quite the collection over the years. We also tend to like drinking games (or turn normal games into drinking games), so I’m very excited to share with you all of our favourites. 

Staying at home and inviting friends over for a game night is an inexpensive alternative to going out to the movies, and it’s a much better way of interacting and getting to know your friends better (I mean, c’mon, during a movie you’re literally not talking at all.)

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What I Wish I Knew Before Moving Out

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Life is definitely full of so much trial and error. Especially when it comes to finding the place you’re going to live. 

Not that I regret moving out of my parents house into my own apartment with my boyfriend AT ALL, but there are a few things that would have been nice to know first. Some I can totally get not knowing until you experience yourself, but others I am here to share with you to give ya a little heads up.

So a little background to begin with so you know my situation:

I currently live in an apartment with my boyfriend of five years, and we both moved out of our parents houses in August of 2015. We really didn’t have to worry about the apartment hunting process, because Justin’s sister was finishing up her lease and moving out of town, so we were just taking over her place! It definitely made it easier. 

We now live in a different apartment building, one that we hunted for ourselves last summer. Moving was to get a bigger place with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Otherwise, there was really nothing wrong with our first apartment – it was great (just tiny!)

Now, with moving twice in the last two years and having two very different apartment experiences, I’m here to share some insight and knowledge into this whole apartment/moving out situation. 

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Tips & Tricks On Taking Kick Ass Notes

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With completing high school, and now on my second run of university, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to get good grades and be successful.

And that all starts with taking some kick ass notes. 

Now, I know notes aren’t for everyone, but handwritten notes are my saving grace when it comes to school. It’s really helped me grasp concepts better and remember certain things when it comes to writing exams. When I sit my ass down at my desk and pump those notes out, I feel like I’m actually learning what I need to learn about. 

So here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way to write some kick-ass notes that are sure to get you straight A’s.


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Kitchen Items You Actually Need

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When you’re moving out for the first time, you’re going to need a few things for your new place. And the room in your new home that definitely needs some items is the kitchen. You can’t do much in your kitchen without a few things. 

But, the kitchen is also the area people tend to go overboard on when shopping for new items. There are so many gadgets and kitchen things that stores convince you that you absolutely need, when in reality, you really don’t need that much.

Sure, some stuff is handy to have, but when you’re in a small apartment (which is likely for your first home), cupboard and storage space for the kitchen is usually very minimal. 

So with moving out a year and a half ago, going way overboard the first time, and having to downsize my kitchen items after moving into an even smaller kitchen this past August, I’ve figured out what’s really necessary to have in your cooking space (and what’s not.)

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