5 Ways To Save Time In The Morning


Now I can bet that the majority of people don’t like to get up too much earlier than they need to in the morning for work. I’m sure there are those select few that get up hours before so they can have a relaxing morning.

But when you’re like me and start work at six o’clock in the morning (!!!), you’ve got to find a way not to be left rushing around all morning.

Also, rushing around in the morning to get everything you need to get done just sets a horrible tone for the rest of your day. You feel anxious, frustrated, and probably still pretty friggin tired. Not a great start for the day.

I’ve come to notice all of the little time savers I can do the night before or in preparation so that my mornings can run smoother. 

Yes, I’m still tired in the morning (I’m up at 5, what can ya do), but I never feel rushed or anxious walking out the door. And I owe that to these tips and tricks. 

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Happy 150th, Canada

For those who are Canadian, you’ll of course know about the big celebration this coming July 1st. 

But for all those who aren’t Canadian, it’s our 150th birthday this year!

July 1st is Canada’s birthday, and this year is a very momentous year because it’s our 150th. The celebrations are bigger than normal, and you really can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with #canada150 stuff. 

In all seriousness, I love being a Canadian. Our freedoms are endless, the people are so nice and I’m so proud to live here. Our views are gorgeous, and I love how diverse it gets all across the country. 

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Monthly Memories | May 2017

May was another super busy month, but jam packed with so much fun. 

With full time school finally being done, I started working full time again at the beginning of May, as well as starting my online classes.

Not only that, camping season has come back in full swing and with the addition of a new trailer for us this year, we’re out almost every single weekend. 

Saying this summer is a little busy is a bit of an understatement, and May definitely started out strong. But busy is fun and it makes me so excited to still have so much summer ahead of us. 

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Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas

I’m all about dinners that are simple and quick, because when you’re as busy as we are with schedules all over the map, that’s what ya need. 

Hunting for actual easy dinner ideas has come to be a bit of a task. Some people think easy means 18 super obscure ingredients that I definitely don’t have, let alone even find at the grocery store. 

All of these recipes I have actually tried myself and have made over and over because they’re simple yet oh so yummy. Shout out to the bloggers who came up with these recipes because you’ve been my saving grace.  

They’re a step up from the boxed mac and cheese and Mr. Noodles I lived off of for awhile, so I give koodos to myself for actually trying to be an adult.

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