How Being Organized Can Boost Your Confidence

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You may not think organization has really anything to do with your personal confidence, but I have found it really does play a big role. 

Because of the fact that I’m organized, I like my home to have everything in place, & I keep to-do lists and planners, I’m able to be so much more productive and in turn feel so much better about myself. That sense of accomplishment is such a great feeling.

It’s so easy to fall into a slump and be lazy when you don’t have a schedule, and you even get to the point of not even getting ready in the morning. You start to feel down on yourself because you’re never putting on makeup, or nice clothes, or putting in any time for yourself really. 


How Being An Organized Person Can Boost Your Self Esteem


Having a Schedule

Probably the most vital organizational skill to have is creating a schedule for yourself. It definitely does not need to be down to the minutes of your day (because that is ridiculous) but having a rough idea of how your day is going to go and what needs to be done really helps to set daily tasks that you can accomplish. 

Setting an alarm for yourself in the morning (and actually getting up to it), washing your face and getting ready for the day will automatically give yourself a boost in the morning. You’ll feel so much better about yourself because you put in the effort to make yourself feel good & you haven’t slept your day away feeling like you’ve wasted it. 

When you lounge around in your pajamas all day, your body isn’t really going to fully wake up and you’re much more susceptible to being lazy. Put some clothes on (even if you’re staying or working at home!) and you’ll instantly feel more ready to conquer the day. 

How Being Organized Can Boost Your Confidence


Create A To-Do List

Physically writing down (or putting it in an app on your phone) all the to-do’s you would like to accomplish for the week is an awesome step to feeling better about yourself. With each tick you get to make with a task being accomplished, you’ll feel so productive and proud of yourself for finishing what you set out to do. 

Even if they are small things like making the bed, or vacuuming the living room, write them down as tasks on your to-do list. That line of check marks at the end of the day will really make you see how productive you were for the day, and you’ll really feel good about yourself. 


Give Everything A Place

Though this one is a little more far fetched in regards to boosting your confidence, I find that if you have a place for things, you’re really saving yourself some later anxiety (which can ultimately lead to your confidence level.) 

Put your backpack in the same place every day, hang your keys on their hook – putting things in a specified spot deters you from running around hectically later on looking for them. Which can cause an unnecessary amount of anxiety.

Another reason things should have their place is so there isn’t a mess! If all of your stuff is just thrown around everywhere, you’re proving to yourself that you’re kind of lazy (sorry, but it’s true!). If you can’t even keep your home in order (of some sorts), how are you supposed to keep your mind in order!?

I feel like the living conditions you make for yourself have a pretty direct correlation with your mind. Don’t you want your mind to be clean and minimalist instead of a big ol’ jumbled mess!?



Overall, being organized gives you a much better sense of control in your life. You’re taking control of how your day is going, what tasks are being accomplished, and where and when things will take place.

Having control over your life is so important to feeling confident in yourself because you feel so much more grounded and that anxiety won’t creep up on you, wondering if you’re good enough, if you’re doing enough. 

What do you do to help boost your confidence? I’d love to hear! Find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or leave a comment down below!

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