NUCCA Treatment For Migraines | Five Week Follow-Up

NUCCA Treatment For Migraines

If you’re curious as to what the heck I’m talking about, refer to my previous post about NUCCA for a run down on what’s going on.

Anywho, let’s continue where we left off, starting with the actual appointments:

After the first adjustment, I continued to go back for an appointment every Wednesday to make sure I was still balanced (meaning my atlas had been staying in place).

To check that I was balanced, I would lie down on the table and she would measure my feet to make sure they were even with each other.

Sometimes she would ask me to stand up and would check my hips to see if they were even, by poking into each of my sides.

And every Wednesday that I went back up until now (about five weeks after treatment), I was very fortunate to not have to have any adjustments!

Normally the reassessment wouldn’t happen until six or seven weeks, but because I was doing so well she suggested we go for the balance test now after five weeks. 

NUCCA Treatment For Migraines

Now I’m sure some are curious, how have my headaches been!?

I am so excited to tell you all that since my first adjustment at the end of April, I have not had one single migraine and have only had headaches that have been self-induced (hangovers, heat stroke, not eating/drinking)!

This is coming from someone who was getting migraines every two weeks or so for at least the past five years, and headaches every single day.

So today I went back for an assessment.

I did some balance & movement tests to see how aligned by back, shoulders, hips & head were.

And improvements were definitely made when we compared them to my initial assessment!

I have another appointment booked to go back in one month to follow up and see how things are. 


All in all I am very happy with this experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from migraines or headaches.

If anyone has any further questions, leave a comment below or shoot me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions regarding my NUCCA experience!


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