Monthly Memories | November 2016

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I love looking back through photos and home videos to reminisce, so I thought why not add a section to my blog to do just that! This probably won’t be an every month kind of deal, but I’m excited to recap busy and exciting months!

November was a busy month for us! We had a ton going on, I thought it’d be fun to recap all that’s been happening. 

If you keep up with my Instagram feed, you’ll probably know a lot of what’s been going on, but if not, here’s a little recap of November!


November 2016


New Car

November started out like any other month – I had lots of school stuff going on, Justin bought a car. I say that pretty nonchalantly because him buying a car is like an every six month kind of deal lol. 


So far he’s loving the Golf, it’s super fantastic on gas, and we’re determined it’s going to be the car I learn to drive standard on. 


CFL Game

On the fifth of November we headed out to a football game – the Edmonton Eskimos vs the Toronto Argonauts. It was an awesome game, the weather was great, and of course we won so that was pretty nice. 



Banff Trip

The following weekend Justin and I spontaneously decided to book a trip to Banff. I recapped the whole trip over here, but here’s a few photos.



I’m so glad we decided to take this trip. It was so much fun and the very perfect getaway. Every outing with him is always an adventure, I’m so glad we get to do life together. 


Family Time

The weekend after our Banff trip, we drove down to visit some family. I was so excited to meet my cousin’s baby boy for the first time. He is such a cutie. My other cousin’s baby girl is so fun and spending time with her makes me so happy. 



Can we just pause a minute and express all the heart eyes for this?? Is there anything better than your man holding a little baby? No, not much. #ovariesexploded 

I can’t wait to return for Christmas and snuggle all the babies. 


White With Style

This month, I started using White With Style! They are a teeth whitening brand, and I’m honestly so impressed so far. I’ve only been able to use it twice, but I’ve definitely noticed a difference, which makes me very happy!

Their product is super easy to use, and comfortable enough to have in your mouth for a half hour. Once I’ve used it a few more times, I’ll definitely do a review with some before and after pictures.

If you’d like to try it out, head over to and use my discount code “JamieN” to get your teeth whitening kit for only $28.00 (retail price is $269.00!)



Fake Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving rolled around, and I didn’t want to miss out on yummy food just because I’m Canadian and already had Thanskgiving back in October. I whipped up a little Thanksgiving dinner complete with mashed potatoes, stuffing, ham and rolls and it was the best idea I’ve probably ever had. 





Puppy Guest

On the last weekend in November, we had a little furry guest stay with us (okay, not little.) Justin’s parents dog had a little sleepover, and it was so nice to have a dog around! She’s also so incredibly behaved, so it was a breeze having her in an apartment.




Definitely makes me miss having a pup, but we’re still going to wait awhile to add a furry family member to the clan. I don’t think an apartment is a nice place for a big dog to be all the time, and it’s definitely not nice to your neighbours (ahem, talking to you, people upstairs.)

Along with all the fun this month has come lots of school. I have my finals next week and then I’m officially on Christmas break! I’ve been busting my butt in school and am proud to say I got an A+ in my online class, so I have high hopes for my three other courses. 

I’m so very excited for December and the holiday season, and cannot wait for all the time spent with family. It makes me so very happy and grateful that I have such wonderful family, and spending time with them is my absolute favourite. Let me know what your December plans are! I love hearing people’s holiday traditions. 

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