Monthly Memories | February & March 2017

I feel like I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog, but man oh man has life ever been crazy and busy. 

I’ve never had a start to a year have so many things thrown in my face. I feel like there’s been more happen in these past two and a half months then I’ve had in the past few years altogether. So many emotions have run through my body, and the most new to me has been grief.

We lost someone so near and dear to me in January and I still have no idea how to deal with this never ending pain. I truly take each day as a gift and have held my family closer than ever before. I hate to skim over this, because it clearly holds more importance than anything, but I’m really not ready to talk about it or even know how to form any of this into words.


I’ve been in school full-time for Winter semester, and it’s been busier than ever with midterms and projects. I headed down south for Reading Break in February to visit with family, and I’m so so glad I chose to do that. I got to spend time with my favorite babies & relatives and it was truly the best comfort. 

At the end of Reading Break, I attended a bridal appointment for Justin’s sister. She’s getting married next year and I have the privilege of being the maid of honor. I’m so very excited for her, and she’s going to look oh so beautiful in her dress. The bridal shop was so pretty and accommodating – it was a wonderful experience. 

The end of February came with us getting a trailer for camping. WHAT. 

We’re big campers, and we’ve tented for about five summers now and were more than ready to upgrade. A small upgrade though, clearly 😉 LOL.

This is a pretty big deal to us, and I’m super excited about it. 


The beginning of March came with some news that was going to turn the tables yet again. Our landlords are selling, thus, it’s time for us to move (AGAIN!).

We just moved to this apartment in August of 2016, but with these circumstances we had to find a new place. We have already found a new place, and though it’s busy and stressful, I am very excited to move in April. 

The second weekend in March we headed down to visit with family to celebrate my favorite little girl’s first birthday. She’s such a smart cookie and she makes me so so happy to be around. 

I gifted her this personalized name puzzle from Smiling Tree Toys, and it’s just so stinking cute!

Now with grief, school, a new trailer and moving on our plate, why stop there right!?

I made the decision to go back to work part time while I’m in school. Because what’s another thing, right? LOL. It’s been great, but oh so busy trying to juggle my new schedule. It’s only for a few more months until I’m back working full time, so I’m making it work for now. 

Last weekend I attended the Eric Church concert here in Edmonton, and oh my lanta was it ever good. Such an incredible performer with an impeccable voice. 

After we move at the beginning of April, and school winds down, you have no idea how excited I am for nothing big to happen. LOL. I’m not one to be pumped about changes, and I’ve had more changes in my life the last two and a half months than I can handle. The overwhelming-ness is real.

Though some of these changes are exciting – some are stressful, and some are down right heartbreaking and I would never wish this heartbreak on anyone. 

Some days are okay, and some days are really, really hard. But I take them all one at a time and continue to put a smile on my face because I know that’s what he would have wanted. 

So, 2017: I see what you’ve got – so come at me, bro. 


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