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How To Make Moving A Breeze
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Now, nobody likes moving. I mean, the actual MOVING part. Of course getting to be in a new home is usually an exciting experience, but getting all your crap there – that’s the hard part. 

This will be our third move in two years, our last being eight months ago. So we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about moving into a new place. 

We’ve been apartment living the past few years, so we definitely don’t have as much stuff as an entire house may have, so we may have it a little easier.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything! So far into packing I’ve filled well over 20 boxes, and I’m not even done yet! It’s definitely an exhausting process to do all by yourself, but manageable. 

So to save yourself some cash on packers and movers, I’ve got a few tips for ya. 



How To Make Moving A Breeze

The first step to a calm move is to try your best to not stress about it. Of course it depends on your circumstances and why you’re moving, but most of the time it’s an exciting thing to look forward to! You get a brand new space to live in and call home, and make it yours.

We only knew we were moving a month before our actual move in date – so if anyone knows short term moving, we do. We found a new place within a few days and now we’re a week out from moving in.

I’ve looked for moving timelines to try and prepare myself, and most of them start at 6 months prior. Yeaaah we definitely don’t have that time, so I’ve learned to adapt our packing and preparation to my schedule. Evenings and weekends have become overcome with packing, so that I’m not leaving it all to the last few days.

A few weeks ago I went through my clothes and put everything in a box to donate. Why move stuff you don’t use anyways? Purging your stuff is the best first step to preparing for a move. 


Make Moving A Breeze


The next thing is starting to pack up the stuff you don’t use on a regular basis. I’m talking holiday decorations, spare bedroom stuff, office supplies. I even packed up all of our movies, video games and board games because I knew we probably would not be using those within the next few weeks. 

The closer you get to the move in date, feel out the items you’ll need more on a regular basis. You don’t need to use all six plates to your dish set a week before you move, so pack up all but two. Are you really going to do any baking any time soon? Pack up all the flour & sugar. 

You’re gonna have to live without a few things you’re used to having access to (like six different kinds of wooden spoons), but you’ll get over it real quick. Prepare as much beforehand so you’re not running around like a chicken with its head cut off the day of the move. 

Just an fyi, I’m totally talking a DIY move here. Not a cross-country moving trucks taking all your stuff. We’re talking a “borrow your friend with the truck and haul ass” kind of deal. Also not referring to packing up an entire giant house full of stuff (because I don’t have that). So keep in mind that if you have more stuff, there will be more of a process! 



Moving & Packing Tips

The actual moving part of moving is definitely the worst. Here’s a few tips to make the process a wee bit easier. 


Cut Handles Into Your Cardboard Boxes

Oh my lanta this has helped more than you would ever know. Getting a grip of those cardboard boxes is so awkward, especially when they’re kind of heavy.

Cutting triangle handles into the sides of the box will make it a breeze to carry those boxes. Just maybe don’t do it for super heavy boxes, because the handles may rip and cause you to drop the box. A knife like this works perfectly for this.
Make Moving A Breeze


Use Towels, Blankets Or Tissue Paper For Protection

I ain’t about going and spending a bunch of money on packaging paper, so using what you already have just makes sense. I used up all my tissue paper from my gift wrapping stash to wrap up all the breakables (cups and mugs).

Another good trick is using your tea towels, towels, blankets – any sort of fabrics that you’ll be packing any ways – as breakables protection. Wrap up your glassware with these and you won’t have any broken shards when your get there!


Utilize a Dolly

The biggest saving grace of our last few moves – a dolly. If you don’t know what a dolly is, we used one similar to this foldable one and this more heavy duty one. But basically we just load up our boxes onto the dolly and cart it down the elevator to the vehicles, and it makes it soooo much easier to move them. Get one, borrow one, find one somewhere. You’ll thank me later.


Pack Clothes With A Garbage Bag

All your clothes that are already on a hanger would really be a pain to unhang, pack, and rehang when you get to the new place.

Instead, keep the clothes on hangers, grab a good chunk of them (9-10, depending on the thickness of the clothes) and rip a small hole in the middle bottom of a garbage bag, loop it over the hanger hooks and pull down over the clothes. Tuck any hanging clothes on the bottom into the bag and tie.

Ta-da! Clothes packaged to go, but all you have to do is hang them back up and rip off the garbage bag when you get to your destination. Easy peasy. 


Make Moving A Breeze


Prepare A Necessities Box

There’s nothing like settling in for the night at your new place on moving day, to find that there isn’t toilet paper in any of the bathrooms. And of course you’ve got a billion closed up boxes and have no idea what box it’s in, and it’s much too late to go to the store. That’s a scene from a nightmare. Don’t let it happen.

Prepare a box with necessities for when you’re staying at the new place the first night. Clearly label it to be opened up first, and know its whereabouts so you can actually find it to open it (like taking it in your own car!)

Some items that could be added include:

  • Toilet Paper (duh)
  • Kleenex
  • Handsoap
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Paper Towel
  • Beer (duh)

Along with a necessities box, pack yourself an overnight bag, just like you would for a weekend trip, for that first night or two. You’ll definitely want access to your toiletries and clothes right away. 

So there ya have it! Ready to have a successful, stress free move!? Hah, like that could reaaally happen. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think.

Prepare yourself to go off schedule and for a few things to get lost or broken. At the end of the day, as long as you’ve got your loved ones, all your “stuff” doesn’t reeeally matter. Be grateful you even get a roof over your head. But it into perspective. 

Celebrate with all the friends who pitched in to help move, and create a wonderful life in your new home!


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