July Long Weekend 2016

July long weekend really never disappoints. 

This year, Friday was Canada Day so we started our camping trip Thursday night after work! 

The weather wasn’t looking too promising (there was a tornado watch on the radio on our drive out lol). 

All ended up well and the weather actually turned out so beautiful and hot! I didn’t even need to wear my onesie to sleep!

Here are a couple of snapshots from the weekend!


July Long Weekend 2016 - Dog.jpg

Justin’s parents dog, Missy. She’s really the best dog ever.

She’s honestly so well behaved and I can only wish that my dog one day will be as good as her. 

July Long Weekend 2016 - Shots (2)

Tequila shots that I definitely did not take part in.

The jello shots however, I did. 

July Long Weekend 2016 - Tractor

Oh the infamous tractor pool ride. We started this last year on a really hot day and man it is the best thing ever. 

The tractor pulls the pool around the farm and he slams on the brakes so people fall into the pool. It’s fantastic. 

July Long Weekend 2016 - Yukaflux

We decided to make yukaflux this year! Ours included Sprite, Boones, White Rum, Malibu, Peach Schnapps and some club soda. And clearly tons of different fruit.

It was something else, I’ll tell ya. I may or may not have had to water mine down. 

July Long Weekend 2016 - Clouds

I snapped this on our drive home.

Beautiful blue skies on one side and cloudy horrible sky on the other. There’s ‘Berta for ya. 


Our weekend was filled with tons of laughs, all the games you could think of, and amazing Canada Day fireworks, but what made it the best was the people I got to spend that time with.

I guess the States get one more day of long weekend, but here in Canada ours comes to an end today. What have you/are you up to this holiday weekend!? Let me know in the comments below or share with me on Instagram or Twitter!

Did you make any fun treats for the holiday? I’d love to see them! I created a list of Eight Canada Day Treats last week and would love to see if anyone tried them out!

PS. I created a Facebook page! I’ll be posting some extra photos on there that won’t be going up on Instagram, and sharing some fun stories every now and then!

Happy long weekend folks!

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