How To Find The Motivation To Work Out

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Getting into a routine that actually includes working out into your schedule is not easy. I get it.

I’ve tried numerous times to add fitness into my daily and weekly routines, and of course there is always some excuse why I can’t find time, why it just can’t happen this week. And I’m tired of that!

Working out and being healthy is so important, and it really can be enjoyable too. Finding what works for you, your body, and your schedule is the key to success.

For me, getting to a gym is the hardest part. I’m gonna be real – I’m so afraid of being that girl who has absolutely no idea where to go, how to use things and really how long I should be there. And ain’t no student got the money to afford a trainer to walk me through things. 

But it is possible to gain some motivation, push past the hard or embarrassing stuff and become the healthy version of you that you’re always striving for. 

So here I have for you some awesome ways to boost your motivation to work out and become an overall healthier person. 


How To Motivate Yourself to Workout & Live A Healthier Life


Choose a Place

No matter how you decide to work out, choose where you’re going to be the most comfortable. Gyms, local recreation centres, yoga studios, spin classes, or right in your own home! There are plenty of options on ways and places to work out, and I encourage you to try a few out to get a feel for what you enjoy doing. 

Gyms can be on the pricier side but they usually have a ton of equipment and qualified people to help you out.

Recreation centres are great because they give you so many options! There’s usually a fitness facility, ice rinks, swimming pools and classes. Give spin class, core training, or zumba a try!

If you’re into yoga, it can be a great way to strengthen your core and muscles, and can relax you after a long week. Look what yoga studios are in your area, or give it a try by yourself at home!

Short Sleeve Top; Mesh Leggings | Photo by @chelseymeganmedia

Ask a friend to tag along with you when you’re trying a new place to feel less anxious or embarrassed. I’m sure your friend is feeling the same way too, and it’s fun to have someone else with you for accountability!

Working out at home is the easiest and most efficient way to do so. It’s free and you don’t have to travel anywhere! Yes you don’t have all the fancy equipment (well if you do, lucky!!) but following along with some videos can be a great way to strengthen your body and tone up. Blogilates on YouTube provides some wonderful workout videos to target certain areas of the body, or get some total body workouts. If the weather is nice you can even get your cardio in by running in the great outdoors! 


Treat Yo’self

I know this sounds so dumb, but getting some new workout clothes, yoga mat or cute water bottle can totally motivate you to workout! Having new items to make you feel confident will have you striving for that healthy lifestyle.

Switchback Tank; Chaos Leggings | Photo by @chelseymeganmedia


Wine Mesh Bra, Mesh Leggings | Photo by @chelseymeganmedia

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I love this company because the Canadian branch of it was started right here in Alberta where I live!

Fun Fact: I used to play competitive soccer when I was younger (and even went to Europe for it!), and the family behind this company includes my old soccer coach! They’re a wonderful little family and I love being able to be apart of this awesome company of theirs!

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Having a cute water bottle will motivate you to want to use it more (and show it off!), and thus you’ll be drinking more water because of it! Drinking water is so beneficial in so many ways, and getting those eight glasses in a day is seriously so worth it in the end! You can never go wrong with Contigo, Camelbak or Swell bottles. 

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Make It A Priority

The biggest factor to finding motivation to workout is making it a priority and fitting it into your schedule. Find a slot in your weekly or daily routine that can be dedicated to working out. Make it work for you!

Not everyone is going to be able to workout an hour a day, every day. For some, daily workouts, even just a half hour may be feasible, but for others, some days are busier than others. 

Are you going to work out three times a week? Twice, but longer periods of time? Early mornings or late evenings? Whatever works for you!

Easing into it is the best strategy for learning to love it. Start off slow and build your way up to a more frequent schedule. Plus, you’re going to be mighty sore when you start and if you go too hard you could hurt yourself. Listen to your body!

Canadian Condition Addiction Workout Gear
Trail Top, Mesh Leggings | Photo by @chelseymeganmedia

Don’t Give Up

I think the biggest critic to our workout journey is our own self. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best and see results, and when we miss a session or aren’t seeing immediate results we tend to doubt ourselves. 

Don’t give up! If you miss a workout, shake it off and continue. Don’t think your schedule is totally ruined because you skipped one workout. Try and try again, and eventually it will become second nature to workout. 

Yes, results aren’t necessarily going to show up right away, and that can be discouraging. But I promise that they will come! And the way your body will feel will be so, so worth it. 

Photos taken by the wonderful Chelsey over at @chelseymeganmedia on Instagram!


  1. This is totally something I struggle with on a daily basis, why can’t it just come naturally?? So many good tips in this post Jamie! Something that has helped me be more consistent is to set goals and rewards, like if I work out a certain amount of times for a month straight then ill reward myself with something I’ve really been wanting! seems to keep the consistency up for me 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like the post Rylie!! Goals and rewards are such an awesome motivator! I’m definitely going to do that too!!

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