Home Office Styling Ideas & Desk Organization Hacks

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Starting up my second semester back in University, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, get on a schedule and get that desk of mine organized again. 

We live in a small apartment, so my work space has to be in a corner of our guest bedroom. But! I’ve learned to make do, and learned a couple of tricks on staying organized in a small space. 

Whether you have an entire office, or a small corner of your bedroom, you have the ability to be organized and that is the key to getting your work done efficiently and effectively. (Whether that’s schoolwork or work-work.)

I’ve gathered up a couple of awesome home office and desk inspiration to get yourself going on setting up that perfect space for getting shiz done. 

Stay tuned for the end of this post for some awesome desk organization hacks!


Home Office Inspiration


Monochrome Workspace from Homey Oh My


Bedroom Office Nook from Gabriel Beaudry


Wooden & Green Work Space from Belathee Photography 


Craft Room Office Space from By Dawn Nicole



Desk Organization Hacks

Having a desk is a great first step in becoming more organized in your work space. But if your desk is a total disaster, it’s hard to get much done.

Here are some hacks to keep that desk organized and an efficient place for you to work:

Create a desktop organizer

If the space allows, get a desktop organizer to keep all your writing utensils and office supplies in one place. That way they aren’t all sprawled along your desk, and you know exactly where to find them when you need them. You can find simple ones at Walmart or Target, purchase one online, or DIY! I love this diy mountain desk organizer from Dream A Little Bigger.

IKEA For the Win

Utilize IKEA for everything. They have organizers, drawers, desks – you name it. There are so many IKEA hacks out there on creating desks, so do some research to find the perfect desk combo for your space. 

For my desk, I used the EKBY ALEX shelf with drawers. We screwed it low on the wall to act as a desk! It’s just the right size for my laptop, and the drawers help a ton with hiding all of my supplies and notebooks. 

It’s perfect for the small space I had to work with in my guest bedroom. 

Desk Organization Hacks
The desk, world map canvases, and the tin for my cactus are all from, you guessed it, IKEA!


Use The Wall

When you may be lacking in space on top of your desk, use the wall! You can hang up photos and decor to help you enjoy your work space. Clipboards, shelves or a calendar can go on the wall instead of the desktop. A file organizer can also be mounted on the wall.

This frees up a ton of space so you can actually use your computer & mouse, and even have room to write things down on paper. 

If you’re renting like me, small nails barely make a mark in the wall, and command hooks are the best invention ever. Invest in them. 



With a new semester upon me, I’m excited to get back on a schedule and figure out what routine is going to work for me. Staying organized is the key to success, and I’m very excited to find new ways to organize my work space to maximize efficiency and minimize stress

What are some of your favourite ways to stay on top of things and get your work done? I’d love to hear down below in the comments or on Instagram or Twitter!


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