Happy 150th, Canada

For those who are Canadian, you’ll of course know about the big celebration this coming July 1st. 

But for all those who aren’t Canadian, it’s our 150th birthday this year!

July 1st is Canada’s birthday, and this year is a very momentous year because it’s our 150th. The celebrations are bigger than normal, and you really can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with #canada150 stuff. 

In all seriousness, I love being a Canadian. Our freedoms are endless, the people are so nice and I’m so proud to live here. Our views are gorgeous, and I love how diverse it gets all across the country. 

Banff Alberta Canada
Banff, Alberta

Go to Banff, you won’t be disappointed. 


Ontario, Canada
Lighthouse Cove, Ontario

Last year I put together a few Canadian posts around this time, so go check out some awesome Canada Day treats and some hilarious Canadian stereotypes before returning to this post. Here’s a recap of our July Long Weekend last year!

I definitely plan on throwing together some sort of Canada Day treat, I just haven’t decided which one yet! I made white chocolate covered pretzels with red sprinkles last year, and those were a hit, so those definitely may make another appearance this year. Send me your Canada Day inspired treats so I can have some inspiration!

If you don’t already have some plans for Canada Day, here’s a few events to catch (if you’re in the Edmonton area!)

  • Canada Day at the Edmonton Valley Zoo
  • Hay Rides, Petting Zoo and Carnival in Millwoods Park
  • Canada Day at the Muttart Conservatory
  • Fireworks! Watch from the legislature grounds, Victoria Park or maybe the RE/MAX field!
For more information on events happening in Edmonton, visit the City of Edmonton website!


I just wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful country we live in, and would love to hear everyone’s plans for the July Long weekend  – even if it’s your fourth of July weekend (or just a normal weekend where you live lol!).

Catch me on Instagram where I’ll try to post our Canada Day adventures!

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