Game Night In Ideas + Tips On Being The Best Hostess

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I don’t know about you, but I ain’t about dropping 50 bucks on a movie every week. Or on mini golf. Or pretty much any other event that costs a bunch of money for an evening out with friends. Of course once in a while is fun, but I definitely don’t have it in the budget to be spending that kind of money on entertainment. 

So that brings us to my favourite form of entertaining – staying at home!

That sounds super lame LOL. But I promise it’s not! We’re all about entertaining here at our house, and I love having people over. 

We’re big board and card game people, so we have gathered quite the collection over the years. We also tend to like drinking games (or turn normal games into drinking games), so I’m very excited to share with you all of our favourites. 

Staying at home and inviting friends over for a game night is an inexpensive alternative to going out to the movies, and it’s a much better way of interacting and getting to know your friends better (I mean, c’mon, during a movie you’re literally not talking at all.)

So here is a list of my favorite board games, card games, drinking games and even tips on hosting friends to have a kick ass game night and being able to save your budget for things that matter (like ice cream.)



Board Games

I’m a big fan of the classics, but new and interesting games are great too. It really depends on the amount of people you have, and what kind of games you like best. Here are just a few of the ones I really like to play.



Roll letter dice, get a letter, come up with something that starts with said letter to match each category on your card. Pretty simple, so fun. I love letter games lol. It’s also super fun to get creative. 

I picked up our Scattergories Game online for fairly cheap. Many game stores and Walmart will carry it as well. 


Code Names

This is a new game to us, but it’s super neat. Basically you split into two teams, and you have to help your partner guess as many of the code words with a one word hint as possible. It sounds very confusing to start, but I promise it’s easy to catch on once you get going. 

Many games stores will carry this one.



The classic version is definitely the best. My token of choice is of course the terrier. 

Games stores will carry it, as well as tons of other versions. If you’re wanting a specific version like a Marvel Avengers Version or Nintendo Monopoly, online is where it’s at. 



This one is only a two player game, but it gets your mind going. One person comes up with a color sequence of four pegs, and the other has to guess it, with very few hints. 

This game is pretty old, so I’m thinking most stores will not carry it. Your best bet for finding Mastermind is online. 


Ticket To Ride 

Complete your trains from one destination to the other. We have the US version, but the Europe version is also so fun. 

We found ours online, but many game stores carry them now as well. 

Ticket To Ride


Card Games

Card games are great, and usually you can play with lots of people. 


Cards Against Humanity

Super funny. Can definitely get inappropriate so I wouldn’t recommend you play with your grandparents, unless you want to have to explain some interesting terms to them. 

Finding it online is your best bet, as well as grabbing expansion packs online too!


This is played with a normal deck of cards, and is best explained by the pros at Bicycle.

Grab a classic deck of cards online or pick one up from the dollar store!



Such a classic, and never gets old. There are so many different versions nowadays, but I’m definitely a fan of the good ol classic. 
Find it at Walmart or Target or grab your UNO game online.



Drinking Games

If you like to have a few drinks with your friends on the weekends, these games are perfect. 


Piccolo (App)

This game is so so fun. It’s basically a rendition of sociables where you input everyone’s name into the app, and it will call out tasks for certain people to do, or games for someone to start. If you’re a fan of sociables, you’ll love this one.

The app is free, but if you want different versions of it you have to pay a couple of bucks. Another plus side to this game is it basically has an unlimited amount of players. Well, I don’t know that for sure, but we played with 15 people once and it let us put everyone’s name in sooo LOL.

Find it on the iTunes and Google Play.


Mario Kart Drinking Game

You have to have a Wii for this and the Mario Kart game. Your goal is to finish your drink before you finish the race. But of course you can’t drink and drive! You must either chug your drink before you leave the start line, stop your kart periodically and sip, or stop right before the finish line and chug. 

This one can get pretty deadly. But it’s so much fun and so funny.

Find Mario Kart online or in select game stores. 


Tips On Hosting

Be Tidy!

Nobody wants to come over to a pig sty. You don’t have to go all crazy with dusting and vacuuming every time someone comes over, but be courteous enough to tidy up a bit. It will make your guests feel so much more comfortable.

And for the love of God, please make sure there is toilet paper in the bathroom. 


Fun Accessories 

This one is super random, and definitely not necessary, but I love having little trinkets around for people to take notice to. Individual games and photos are a great way to have your guest distracted without you doing any real work. 

We have a few of those mind teaser games, where you have to get the two metal pieces apart, and without a doubt every single person who comes over picks them up and tries to solve them. They’re fun conversation pieces, and it’s just another activity for guests to do. Justin is also a pro at the Rubik’s Cube, so lots of guests try and take a crack at that one (and mostly fail.)

I don’t know about you, but I like to creep on people’s photos in their home LOL. It’s neat to see the friends and family they have in photos on their fridge or in frames, and it definitely sends a cozier more intimate vibe. I definitely would like to get more photographs put up around our place. 



I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that food is awesome and that is where you will likely find me at a party. Providing your guests with snacks is awesome, because ain’t nobody wanna be hangry. Nothing big is necessary, but a dip or a bag of pretzels will help. 

Ask your friends to bring a bag of chips or cookies as well! That way you’re saving yourself a little dough, and they have what they want. Pretty much everyone I know follows the BYOB (bring your own booze) rule without instruction, but make sure they know that because that shiz is not cheap. 



So there ya have it – an awesome game night in with all of your buds. You’re saving some money, not having to worry about getting a ride home later, and making some great memories in the process. Some of my best memories with friends originate right from my living room. 

What are your favourite games to play during game night? I’d love some new suggestions!

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  1. You’d make an awesome host. This is a lot of stuff to do.

    The activities I take on depend on who I’m inviting over and how many people but drinking games are my specialty.

    I’m always making up stuff trying to get people drunk but there’s this one game I saw on Amazon that you could include. It’s called Tipsy Tower. I’ve been meaning to try it out but i haven’t gotten a chance yet

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