Five Remedies For The Flu

Five Remedies For The Flu

I probably have one of the worst immune systems of all time. 

I even worked in a daycare for a year and a half and my immune system still didn’t even toughen up. (And there’s a lot of friggin germs to get used to there bro).

That being said, it’s inevitable that at least three times a year, I’m gonna get a horrible cold.

I usually expect it around September (back to school season), January (Christmas Break) & springtime – I don’t know about this one. 

So I have compiled my top five tips on dealing with this cursed flu and trying to make it go away as quick as possible. 

Did I mention I have the nastiest flu right now? I sound like a whiny old man (so cute).

Five Ways to Deal With Your Cold


1. Hot Water with Lemon & Honey

I recently discovered this one, and though it doesn’t cure your sore throat, man is it yummy and soothing. I heat up some water, squirt a bunch of lemon juice and honey into it, mix it up, and let it coat my throat to soothe the pain.

Hot Water- Remedies For The Common Cold

2. Blow That Nose

This seems like a no brainer, but don’t keep sniffing back into your head – that’ll create a worse headache for yourself, and collect all that mucus. Keep a box of kleenex in your bedroom, beside you on the couch, or even in your pocket. 

Oh, and do it the right way! Plug one nostril at a time when you blow. That way you can prevent yourself from getting an earache from the pressure on your ears when you blow.

3. Eat All The Oranges

Or if you don’t like oranges, find something else packed with Vitamin C. It’s just fantastic for you, everyone knows that.

Orange - Remedies For The Common Cold

4. Have A Steamy Shower

Yeah girl, you make it steamy in there. No but really, the steam can help to open up your sinuses and clear your congestion. I love sitting in the tub with a hot shower going when I’m feeling under the weather. 

5. Sleeeeeep

I know you want to stay up and finish the third season of your Netflix series, but getting plenty of rest is so important when you’re sick. Listen to your body – when you feel tired in the evening, go to sleep! Who cares if it’s only 7.


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