Five Favourite YouTubers

Many of you may not know that I’m an avid YouTube watcher!

I’m super busy all of the time now, so I don’t have quite as much time to dedicate to YouTube anymore, but I always make the time for a select few. 

Here are my top five favourite YouTube channels to watch!

Daily Bumps

These guys are such fantastic daily vloggers. I started out watching the Shaytards daily vlogs, and then found these guys when they were pretty small still. 

Now they’ve made quite the name for themselves & they are constantly producing amazing content. 

Also they’re just an absolutely adorable family.

Yunging19 or Ashley Elizabeth

Ashley is actually a friend of mine and she makes beauty and advice videos on her channel.

She’s super real and definitely speaks her mind about every topic, and I give her mighty kudos for that.

Five Favourite Youtubers


Now I’m not super into makeup or anything, but Rachel just has the cutest personality that I just adore her videos.

She’s so creative with her editing and video ideas & I love how she’s always looking for ways to up her game.

Also a fellow Canadian so that’s sweet!


I’m totally not a mom, but these woman put up such good and informative content that it’s hard not to click on.

I’m a sucker for hack videos, DIY videos or recipes and that’s exactly what these girls produce.

Plus cute kids!

Five Favourite Youtubers

TimeStop Productions

I may be a little biased here (my boyfriend & his friend’s channel), but they really do make amazing quality content, such as short films & music videos that everyone should check out.

Justin and Ben put so much time and effort into every project they produce for this channel, and I’m so very proud of everything they make.

Five Favourite Youtubers

TimeStop also just put up a new music video they shot starring Kathryn Johnson!

And if you’re curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of a music video, I wrote a post a while back sharing a glimpse on set!

What are some of your favourite YouTube channels to watch? I’d love some new suggestions!


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