My Favourite Camping Foods

My Favourite Camping Foods

Camping is my favourite summer activity, and obviously eating is my favourite year-round activity. So when combined, uhm hello yummy camping food?

I don’t know what it is about food while we’re camping, but it’s just so much better. Maybe it’s cause some of it is over a fire – maybe it’s cause there’s usually a few drinks in the system – either way, YUM!

Anywho, here are a few of my favourite foods to have out camping!

Jalepeno Cheddar Smokies

These are so fantastic cooked over the fire, or on the barbecue if preferred.

Just the right amount of spice, and paired with some chips and a beer and I’d call that a perfect meal.

I can usually find them at Walmart. 

Favourite Camping Foods


Cucumber Salsa

My mom found this recipe a few years back on Pinterest, and it’s truly the best snack ever.

It tastes so fresh and healthy and it’s a fun twist on the regular ol’ salsa & chips. 

Steak & Potatoes

Now I know this sounds like a fancier dinner, but when we’re out camping is legitimately the only time we have steak.

We’ve got the barbecue all fired up anyways, so toss a few steaks and baked potatoes on there, maybe add some corn or a salad on the side and we’re dining classy (while eating off of paper plates).

Favourite Camping Foods

Midnight Kraft Dinner

The absolute best snack to have at midnight when you are out camping.

And of course you know when the noodles are done when you throw them against the trailer and they stick. Always a good idea. 


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