5 Easy Ways To Get A Better Sleep



Oh sleep, how I want more of you.

Not gonna lie, I am friggin tired, like all the time. 

There are so many factors that make me feel tired. For one, I work a labour job, 40 hours a week. Obviously I am going to be physically tired from that. 

Secondly, it’s been such a crazy busy and stressful year, so I’ve had a lot of stress going on, causing a lot of mental exhaustion. 

So there’s stress on my mind and on my body, but clearly I’m still here to function. 

Honestly without these tips I would be a complete zombie at all times. So here I give you my favourite solutions for getting a good nights sleep & therefore being able to function as a human being.

One day I won’t be tired anymore. 

Easy Ways To Get A Better Sleep


Stick To A Schedule – Even On Weekends

I know you want to stay up all hours of the night and sleep in all day on the weekends, but that’s only going to make you more miserable for the work week.

Obviously let yourself sleep in a little on the weekends; who wants to be getting up at six on a Sunday – but don’t be crawling out of bed at noon. 

Your body’s internal clock needs to be on a schedule, and you’ll naturally fall asleep and wake up at the same time, resulting in a better sleep. 


Don’t Go To Bed Hungry – Or Full

Those stomachaches from being hungry are way too hard to fight when you’re trying to sleep, or you’ll wake up with even worse stomachaches. 

On the other hand, eating too much or too close to your bedtime can also result in stomach pain or heartburn.

If you really need a bedtime snack, opt for a light snack such as a banana, granola, or a low-sugar cereal (sorry Lucky Charms, you’re getting the boot). 


Calm Down

Do what you gotta do to relax yourself & calm your mind. I know I have the hardest time getting to sleep when I have so much on my mind.

In the evening, I like cleaning, doing a hobby, or getting stuff ready for the next day (such as making my lunch). This way I feel productive and my mind is taken off of the stress for when I want to go to sleep.


Get Comfy!

There’s nothing worse than being so uncomfortable you can’t sleep.

Find a pillow that works for you and have the room to a cooler temperature if you can.

I love having a fan on in my room, because not only does it keep it cooler, the white noise is soothing to me and blocks out any outside noises.


Control The Light

I am definitely guilty of having the TV on before bed. I’ve found it’s one of the only things to clear my mind! 

I like putting on a movie that I’ve seen many times before, and just turning over while I listen to it to fall asleep.

This way I’m not straining my eyes on the TV, yet I still have the image in my head to go with the sound, because I’ve seen the movie before, therefore cancelling out all the stress on my mind. 

Make sure you have good blinds or blackout curtains to block the sun from coming through in the morning. (Or if you’re like me and go to bed at like nine, the sun that is still up…)


Hopefully these tips can help you to get a little more sleep! Let me know your favourite tips on getting a good nights sleep!

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