DIY Marbled Mug


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With it being National Coffee Day and all, I figured having a cute DIY coffee mug could be a wonderful way to celebrate it! 

Let’s be real, we are all fueled by coffee and cannot live without it. Also, who doesn’t like cute mugs!? Yeah, no one. I just purged a bunch when we moved, but I’ve got my eye on a few new ones (how cute is this Mickey Mouse Mug!?)

But some coffee mugs can go for upwards of $25+, and ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I made my first marbled mug a few years back and have gotten a few compliments on it, so I figured it was time to share with you guys how I created it!

DIY Marbled Mug

This is a super simple DIY, and definitely customizable, so get creative! You can mix more than one colour, make different patterns, you name it. 

Now onto the tutorial!


DIY Marbled Mug


You Will Need:

  • Plain Mug (I got mine at the dollar store!)

  • Nail Polish

  • Hot Water

  • Container (The Ziploc ones work great, it gets messy & hard to clean! [aka you might want to throw it out afterwards])

  • Toothpick


Step 1:

Fill up your container with hot water! Not boiling hot, but a little more than warm, y’know?

Step 2:

Pour little dots of nail polish onto the water, pouring fairly close to the water.

DIY Marbled Mug

Step 3:

Swirl the nail polish around to your desired pattern using your toothpick.

DIY Marbled Mug
I could not for the life of me find a toothpick, so I used a piece of spaghetti hahaha. Whatever works right!

Step 4:

Dunk your mug in where you want the marbling effect to be. You need to act quickly, as the nail polish likes to dry fast. Having your water warmer helps to slow down that process, but you still need to work fairly quickly. 

Maneuver your cup around to get the nail polish on all sides of the cup.

DIY Marbled Mug

Step 5:

Pull the cup out of the water and place dry side down on a paper towel. The nail polish should be adhered to the cup so anything dripping off should just be water. 

DIY Marbled Mug

Let it dry fully before using it. 

I prefer to hand wash these cups because I’m not sure how the dishwasher will treat them. I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the dishwasher.

DIY Marbled Mug

But there ya have it – super easy DIY coffee mugs! Now go celebrate National Coffee Day with your favourite kind of brew – personally I’m a french vanilla kinda girl.


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