DIY Farmhouse Style Tabletop

DIY Farmhouse Table

I’ve always been a huge fan of the farmhouse style for your home, especially in the kitchen. 

The only downside to loving this style has been the price tag that comes with some of these products! Some decor pieces and furniture can get pretty pricey, and it’s not overly in my budget to shell out that much cash on home decor. 

Our kitchen table got pretty scratched up in our latest move (3rd move in less than 18 months… yeah), and we were looking to upgrade anyways.

I always wanted a big wooden, farmhouse inspired table, but that just wasn’t going to be in the budget (also we don’t eat at the table thaaat much, so I wasn’t about to shell out hundreds of dollars on a table that’s mostly just decoration LOL.)

We threw around the idea of completely building ourselves a table (which is still going to happen someday!), but that also came with a bit of a price tag and was a lot of work for the one day we had allotted to get this project done LOL. 

I browsed all over Pinterest and came across Rachel Teodoro’s post on a tabletop you place over your existing table! I thought this was such an ingenious idea of covering up a scratched table, without having to replace the entire thing. 

We kind of came up with our own design, and just eye balled for the size. 

DIY Farmhouse Table


DIY Farmhouse Tabletop

I knew I wanted it to be bigger than our existing table (which is an old plain brown-black IKEA table!) because our existing table is quite small.

We hit up Home Depot for some inspiration, originally planning to buy some wood and some stain. When we got there, we found this wood that was already stained for the farmhouse look, and weighing costs we found this option to be more cost effective than doing the can of stain. 

DIY Farmhouse Table

Upon getting home, we laid out our pieces of wood and came up with a design we liked. I was a big fan of placing a smaller piece of wood at the ends to close it off. So that’s what we did!

Using a smaller piece of wood, we connected the end board, as well as all of the long boards together. 

DIY Farmhouse Table

DIY Farmhouse Table

Because this was a last minute idea, we weren’t super picky on size and measurements. I love the way it pops in our dining area, and it’s definitely an upgrade from our boring black, scratched up table! The next project is to add some shelves of the same wood on the walls, as well as a bar cart!

If you want a fun little update to your existing table, this is a super easy way to spice up the look of your kitchen. If anyone is interested in the sizes and measurements we used, feel free to shoot me an email or contact me on Instagram!



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