5 Ways To Save Time In The Morning


Now I can bet that the majority of people don’t like to get up too much earlier than they need to in the morning for work. I’m sure there are those select few that get up hours before so they can have a relaxing morning.

But when you’re like me and start work at six o’clock in the morning (!!!), you’ve got to find a way not to be left rushing around all morning.

Also, rushing around in the morning to get everything you need to get done just sets a horrible tone for the rest of your day. You feel anxious, frustrated, and probably still pretty friggin tired. Not a great start for the day.

I’ve come to notice all of the little time savers I can do the night before or in preparation so that my mornings can run smoother. 

Yes, I’m still tired in the morning (I’m up at 5, what can ya do), but I never feel rushed or anxious walking out the door. And I owe that to these tips and tricks. 

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What You Actually Need For College

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With my first year of University recently coming to a close, I’ve learned the items that are absolutely necessary to have in college, and the ones that are a waste of money. 

Going back to school was a huge decision for me, and I’m so glad that I did.

It’s super exciting starting college, yet that excitement can cause you to buy a whole bunch of supplies that you don’t really need. 

Back at the beginning of the school year, I put together 10 Must Haves for College. Definitely go check out that post because I still agree that everything on that list was helpful throughout the school year.

Of course it varies with what school you’re going to and what program you’re taking, but in general terms, I’ve come up with the essential items that I personally used a lot, as well as the items that have just been a waste of money and you should skip out on. 

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How To Have A Clutter Free Home

How To Have A Clutter Free Home
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With spring upon us it’s the perfect time of year for a little tidying & de-cluttering! 

We also just moved, so having a new place to decorate involves making sure everything stays organized and tidy. I hate having any type of clutter, so I’ve gathered together some ways to keep your home and life a little more organized. 

I put together a few home organization hacks back in the summertime, and here I’ve gathered some more awesome de-cluttering tips. 

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How To Make Moving A Breeze | Moving & Packing Tips

How To Make Moving A Breeze
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Now, nobody likes moving. I mean, the actual MOVING part. Of course getting to be in a new home is usually an exciting experience, but getting all your crap there – that’s the hard part. 

This will be our third move in two years, our last being eight months ago. So we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about moving into a new place. 

We’ve been apartment living the past few years, so we definitely don’t have as much stuff as an entire house may have, so we may have it a little easier.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything! So far into packing I’ve filled well over 20 boxes, and I’m not even done yet! It’s definitely an exhausting process to do all by yourself, but manageable. 

So to save yourself some cash on packers and movers, I’ve got a few tips for ya. 


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