Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas

I’m all about dinners that are simple and quick, because when you’re as busy as we are with schedules all over the map, that’s what ya need. 

Hunting for actual easy dinner ideas has come to be a bit of a task. Some people think easy means 18 super obscure ingredients that I definitely don’t have, let alone even find at the grocery store. 

All of these recipes I have actually tried myself and have made over and over because they’re simple yet oh so yummy. Shout out to the bloggers who came up with these recipes because you’ve been my saving grace.  

They’re a step up from the boxed mac and cheese and Mr. Noodles I lived off of for awhile, so I give koodos to myself for actually trying to be an adult.

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Mini Banana Cream Pie In A Jar

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I’ve always had a pretty big sweet tooth, especially after I eat a meal. I’m always craving something sweet after dinner, yet my boyfriend is the total opposite. He would definitely rather have seconds of dinner than some dessert.

So it puts me in a predicament of wanting to make something for dessert, but not wanting a whole dish to go to waste with me being the only one to eat it!

Lately I’ve been craving bananas so I wanted to make a little individual dessert that incorporated bananas. I hopped onto Pinterest to try and find a recipe and couldn’t really find one that worked with the ingredients I had at home. 

Thus, I threw one together myself.

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Easy Chocolate No Bake Cookies

Easy Chocolate No Bake Cookies
This post may contain affiliate links. I will be compensated when a purchase is made through these links. 

If you know anything about me, it’s that I looove me some sugar. I could go for cookies and chocolate all day. 

Now of course this can be a problem – too much sugar is obviously not good for you, and spending the money on cookies can definitely add up. 

That’s why I don’t! If I want my sugar fix, I need to make it myself.

In comes one of my very favourite cookie recipes that my mom made for us growing up. 

And they’re no-bake. 

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Back To School Lunch Ideas

Easy and Quick Lunch Ideas

With back to school season right upon us (I’m starting university September 7th!), it’s time to start brainstorming some lunch ideas.

Let’s be honest, when you’re in college it’s so tempting to stop by the Starbucks on campus every day and pick up a sandwich and a frappucino. But that adds up sooo quickly (in your bank account, and the scale). 

I’ve been packing a lunch for work every day this summer, so I already feel in the groove, but I’m ready to get a little more healthy and organized in packing my lunch for school.

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