Monthly Memories | November 2016

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I love looking back through photos and home videos to reminisce, so I thought why not add a section to my blog to do just that! This probably won’t be an every month kind of deal, but I’m excited to recap busy and exciting months!

November was a busy month for us! We had a ton going on, I thought it’d be fun to recap all that’s been happening. 

If you keep up with my Instagram feed, you’ll probably know a lot of what’s been going on, but if not, here’s a little recap of November!


November 2016


New Car

November started out like any other month – I had lots of school stuff going on, Justin bought a car. I say that pretty nonchalantly because him buying a car is like an every six month kind of deal lol. 


So far he’s loving the Golf, it’s super fantastic on gas, and we’re determined it’s going to be the car I learn to drive standard on. 

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Why You Need To Go To Banff

So we took a trip to Banff! If you don’t know what Banff is, it’s a small tourist town in the mountains of Alberta, Canada. Here’s a little peek:

Banff 2016



Yeah, it’s friggin beautiful.

On Wednesday night we decided, heck, let’s go to Banff this weekend. We booked a hotel room for Friday night, and planned to head out Friday morning (Friday was a stat holiday so we had the day off.)

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7 Fun Things To Do In Alberta This Summer

The summer is the best time to go out and enjoy some outdoor events being held. It seems like a mini vacation when you get to ride some rides, or try some interesting food.

All without having to break the bank flying somewhere! 

I’ve rounded up some super fun events in my home province Alberta that occur this summer that you can take your date, your family, or heck, go by yourself if you really wanna! No judgement here. 

7 Fun Things To Do This Summer

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July Long Weekend 2016

July long weekend really never disappoints. 

This year, Friday was Canada Day so we started our camping trip Thursday night after work! 

The weather wasn’t looking too promising (there was a tornado watch on the radio on our drive out lol). 

All ended up well and the weather actually turned out so beautiful and hot! I didn’t even need to wear my onesie to sleep!

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