Holiday Drinks To Get You Through The Chaos

Holiday Drinks

With the holidays comes a wee bit of chaos. The planning, the shopping, the preparations – lots tends to be happening. And sometimes you need a little break from it all. 

In comes the holiday drinks. 

Ooh the best excuse to up your cocktail making game, and have an excuse to inhale the oh so needed alcohol. 

So whether you’re just looking to make some fancy drinks to impress your guests, or you just really need a drink, these holiday drink recipes are perfect for you.

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GIFT GUIDE: 7 Subscription Boxes Your Friends Will Love

Subscription Box
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I’m always on the hunt for thoughtful, yet not super complicated gift ideas for all my friends and family. Prodding people for ideas on what they want can be exhausting, and it’s not always exciting if you get them the exact thing they basically placed in your cart for you.

What I’ve noticed is all the rage as of late is signing up for subscription boxes.

There’s monthly and quarterly boxes in almost any niche you can think of, which makes it the perfect gift idea for everyone on your list. As long as you know what kind of things your people like, this is a super easy (but so thoughtful!) gift!

Grab a year subscription, or a one time purchase (just in case it isn’t their jam!) to a box you think they’ll love, and they’ll gush over how thoughtful and cute your gift really is. 

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor

If I had all the money in the world and a clean slate, you bet I’d deck my house out in everything farmhouse decor. And now it’s the holidays!? Don’t even get me started with farmhouse Christmas decor.

Alas, I have to make do with what I already have, and it’s a little out of my price range to revamp my entire house. But a girl can dream, amiright!?

I scoured Amazon and found some amazing farmhouse inspired pieces that would be absolutely perfect for the holidays. 

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Holiday Decor Items Under $20

Holiday Decor Under 20

This post may contain affiliate links. I will be compensated when a purchase is made through these links.

I love the holidays probably a little too much, and decorating for them is probably my favorite aspect. I have decorations that I’ve taken from my mom that have probably been around since I was a wee child (I’m big on traditions). 

Though I love the handed down decor, I tend to pick up a few more holiday items each year to spice things up a bit. One thing I’ve noticed though is that holiday decor can be so pricey! I am not all about spending $50+ on a dumb little snow globe. 

I’ve constantly been out on the look-out for cute pieces that are either versatile (and can be used for other occasions) and therefore a justifiable price, or are actually reasonably priced (aka cheap because I’m cheap).

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