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From Eh To Zed

With Canada Day fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of hilarious Canadian stereotypes & slang.

And yes some of these are definitely true.

Oh Canada | From Eh To Zed


AAboot is definitely not how we say about. Unless you’re a Newfie…

BBeer is just better in Canada (and stronger)

CCowtown, Alberta, – nice place to live!

D – A double-double & a maple donut please?

E – Pretty nice weather, eh?

FFree healthcare, boo yeah! (Not really though, let’s be real…)

G – Just give’r there bud!

HHockey really should be the national sport (it’s lacrosse, what???)

IIgloos – of course we all live in them.

JJohn? Why yes of course we know John from Toronto.

KKraft Dinner is love. Kraft Dinner is life. 

L – Wanna lend me a loonie for a slurpee?

MMoose really do roam through our backyards.

N – Your noggin better be covered with a toque in the winter!

OOh Canada – Yes we can sing it in English & French (and sign language for me!)

PPoutine should be it’s own food group. 

Q – If everyone in Canada had to pick a least favourite province, it would be Quebec

R – Grab your runners, we’re going to the gym!

SSorry! Sorry for saying sorry! Oh no worries, I’m sorry!

TTim’s coffee, every morning. 

UUniversity & college are not the same thing people

VVoulez vous coucher avec moi? (That’s about the extent of most of our French)

WWinter & Construction. Our two seasons.

X – We’ve all rocked the Canadian Tuxedo at some point in our lives.

YYou’re Irish? Me too!

ZZamboni. We all wanna drive one.

Canada Flag


All jokes aside, I really do love this country and I am so proud to be a Canadian. Especially with all of our quirky ways. 

What fun Canada Day long weekend plans do you have? Let me know in the comments below!

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