Behind The Scenes Of A Music Video

Behind The Scenes of a Music Video

With my boyfriend being a filmmaker, I get the opportunity to see some pretty cool stuff being shot.

This past weekend, I got the chance to be on set of a music video him and his partner (aka Timestop Productions) shot for a girl named Kathryn Johnson. Kathryn is super talented and her song “Smile” is so catchy and has the best vibes.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at what it’s like on set of a music video


Behind The Scenes Camera

So Ben has a fancy camera rig called a dji Ronin, that basically helps stabilize the camera while moving, and can also be controlled remotely with a controller to do pans and tilts – it’s pretty damn legit. 

That fancy red thing on top is a Ninja Assassin. It can do tons of crazy things, but he just used it as a monitor to be able to see what the camera sees. 

BTS Music Video Producer

Here is Justin, the producer (and my man), pondering how the hell they’re going to do this all in one shot. Oh did I mention they were shooting the entire video in one fluid shot? Yeah. Let’s just make it more difficult for ourselves, shall we. 

Music Video Talent


Music Video Talent


Music Video Talent


Behind The Scenes Kathryn

And here we have the talent – the amazing Kathryn Johnson on guitar & vocals, and her friend Max on the ukulele. Max played all the instruments for this song including bass, guitar, ukulele, shaker & cajon (a box drum thing – I didn’t know what it was either). 

Stay tuned and I will keep you guys updated when the music video goes live on Timestop Productions‘ Youtube channel!

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