Advice For The High School Graduate

Advice For The High School Graduate

With high school graduation coming up (or just passing!) I thought I would share a tidbit of advice for the recent graduates.

I know I’ve only been graduated from high school for three years, but a lot has happened and changed in those three years, and I have some advice to share. 

Advice For The High School Graduate:


It’s okay not to know what you’re doing

I went to college right out of high school, and not that I regret it, but it ended up not being the career path I want to take. It was very frustrating feeling like a quitter and having to start all over again. 

It is okay not to know what you want to take in college, or if you even want to go to college right away either. Figure out who you are and what you like before you jump right into college.

Take care of yourself

With graduating high school usually comes some more levels of freedom – and with that comes more responsibilities (okay, Spiderman). Look after yourself – don’t let yourself eat fast food every day, or skip working out, since maybe school sports is now over for you.

Freshman fifteen is a real thing my friends – those Timmy runs everyday get to ya.

Advice To The High School Graduate

Find a hobby

I so wish I would’ve looked into hobbies I might have liked when I was fresh out of high school (I was much too busy worrying about what other people thought).

A hobby can definitely help you figure out your interests, which in turn can help you figure out what you want to go to post-secondary for. 

Appreciate what (& who!) you have

After high school you lose contact with a lot of people – it happens. Everyone takes different paths in life, and that’s totally fine.

But for the ones you want to stay close with, the effort needs to be there. Show them you appreciate them. 

Also try not to take for granted what you have now. Probably still living at home, having most things paid for, food always in the fridge – yeah that changes once you move out.

Thank your parents for all they’ve done for you (that’s a lot).



After high school is when you are really figuring out who you are and what you want to do with your life. Don’t put that pressure on yourself to find all the answers so soon.

Things are going to change, friends are going to fade away, and that is okay. You’re going to grow up, a lot, and realize who the true lifelong friends really are. 

Once you’re through with high school, remember there’s no more high school bullshit (so don’t be that person that brings it into college). 

And for fun, here’s a throwback to some pictures from my high school graduation!


Advice For The High School Graduate
Cap & gown. (I didn’t sleep the night before, it was a long day).
Advice For The High School Graduate
Justin was my date (of course!)
Advice To High School Graduates
A few of my high school friends!



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