5 Ways To Save Time In The Morning


Now I can bet that the majority of people don’t like to get up too much earlier than they need to in the morning for work. I’m sure there are those select few that get up hours before so they can have a relaxing morning.

But when you’re like me and start work at six o’clock in the morning (!!!), you’ve got to find a way not to be left rushing around all morning.

Also, rushing around in the morning to get everything you need to get done just sets a horrible tone for the rest of your day. You feel anxious, frustrated, and probably still pretty friggin tired. Not a great start for the day.

I’ve come to notice all of the little time savers I can do the night before or in preparation so that my mornings can run smoother. 

Yes, I’m still tired in the morning (I’m up at 5, what can ya do), but I never feel rushed or anxious walking out the door. And I owe that to these tips and tricks. 


Five Ways To Save Time In The Morning 


1. Pack Your Lunch The Night Before

This is the biggest time saver. If you’re throwing together some food in the morning, you’re pretty likely to pack more unhealthy foods, under pack, and forget stuff like a fork or spoon.

Majority of the time I’ll have leftovers for my lunch, so when you’re cleaning up after dinner, instead of emptying your leftovers into one big container, portion it down into a smaller lunch sized one (split it in two if you’re sharing with your spouse!)

If you’re not a leftover person or didn’t have any that day, make yourself a sandwich or a wrap. Here are a few of my favorite lunch go to’s.

I’ll always make sure to throw in some yogurt, fruits and veggies, and a treat, cause girl craves some sugar after I eat. 


2. Lay Out Your Clothes

Yeah, yeah I get that this seems childish, but I promise it saves time! 

If you actually get to wear a nice outfit each day, you’ll probably take some time debating what shirt to wear with what pants. Doing this the night before will save that time in the morning. 

I wear basically the same thing of a t-shirt and pants every day because I work in labour, but I grab my clothes and put them on the bathroom counter the night before in order to not disturb my guy while he’s still sleeping (remember, it’s 5 AM lol).

So not only is laying your clothes out the night before a time saver, it’s also a nice way not to disturb your spouse with rummaging through the closet if they sleep longer than you. 


3. Prepare Freezer Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!! Yeah okay we get it. But it is true.

My stomach starts growling and hurting if I don’t eat by 7, so I make sure to at least bring breakfast to eat when I get to work every day. 

But ain’t nobody got time to whip up bacon and eggs in the morning! That’s where prepping some freezer meals comes in handy. 

Here are a few recipes I can’t wait to try!

Breakfast Bites from Lil Luna

Pancake Muffins from Forks and Folly

Scrambled Egg Breakfast Muffins from Six Sisters’ Stuff

5 Ways To Save Time In The Morning
Breakfast Bites from Lil Luna

Another great breakfast idea is smoothies!

I like to prepare mine the night before so I don’t have to waste time grabbing all of the ingredients the morning of. I also blend mine the night before because our blender is soooo loud; but that’s personal preference (and just nice not to hear at 5AM!)

Plop all of your dry ingredients in a mason jar and there ya have it! Add some milk, juice or yogurt when you’re ready to blend, and you are good to go! 


4. Shower the Night Before

I’ve always been a night shower person so this one is a given for me, but if you’re used to showering in the morning, you’re doing it all wrong!

When you shower in the morning that’s an extra 30 to 45 minutes you could have had sleeping! Even if you have a quick shower, there’s drying time for your hair, then styling on top of that. 

Save yourself some precious sleep time and shower pre-bedtime. 


5. Get Up A Tiny Bit Earlier 

Yes this sounds totally redundant but trust me here lol.

Waking up ten or so minutes before you really need to helps out so much. You can slowly roll yourself out of bed, even spend a few minutes checking your email or doing some stretches.

The wake up leap only frazzles your morning more, and you’re definitely more likely to forget things when you’re feeling frazzled in the AM. 

Set your alarm five or ten minutes earlier than you think you need to and your wake up routine will be much more of a breeze. 

5 Ways To Save Time In The Morning
Photo by Sanah Suvarna



So there we have my sure fire tips to saving some time in the morning and having a much smoother morning routine. No more running out the door to work feeling frazzled and stressed! Now to get myself to actually sleep through the whole night is a whole other story. 


  1. Hi Jamie, I loved this post. I wrote something similar on my blog a few months ago. Anyway, I need to try the freezer breakfast idea. I’m usually a mess in the morning! “But ain’t nobody got time to whip up bacon and eggs in the morning!” Lol. My favorite part. #truth

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