21 Things To Do In My Twenty First Year

So I turned 21 on Sunday May 15th, yay!

Here’s a quick recap on my birthday:

Birthday weekend started Friday after work! Justin let me open one present, and it was Ticket to Ride . I’m a big board game person, and this game is so much fun.

You basically get destination tickets from one city to another, and you have to try and build your train connecting the two cities. Just play it, I promise it makes more sense then. 

Twenty First Birthday Bucket List

I came home from dinner on Saturday night to our apartment decked out in birthday decorations and my friends there to surprise me. It was so cute and so nice of Justin to plan that.

Justin even got me a vanilla cake with chocolate icing! And the candles 2 and 0, instead of 2 and 1, but I mean he tried his best 😉

Twenty First Birthday Bucket List


Twenty First Birthday Bucket List

On Sunday morning, Justin brought me breakfast in bed – fried eggs, turkey bacon, strawberries & of course my favourite french vanilla coffee.

I opened my gift from him and it was a Fitbit Charge! I had only mentioned I kind of wanted to keep track of my steps while at work, he listened and thought of it all on his own! I really adore this thing already. 

Twenty First Birthday Bucket List

It was a wonderful birthday weekend and I have my amazing man to thank for that.

Now I live in Canada, so I’ve been legal for three years already, so turning 21 isn’t as significant here as it is in the states. But! It’s still a birthday and I want this year to be awesome.

I thought it would be fun to come up with a bucket list of sorts to fulfill in my twenty first year. This could get a little personal.

21 Things To Do In My Twenty First Year

  1. Go to Vegas! – Done! See some photos here! (October 12th-15th 2016)

  2. Gain more confidence in myself

  3. Take some college courses – Done! (Started University September 7th 2016)

  4. Move! – Done! (August 4th 2016) annnnd again in April 2017 LOL

  5. Rid of my migraines – Done! (Very rarely have them anymore)

  6. Grow my blog! (I definitely have more views now than when I started so I’d call it a win!)

  7. Learn to enjoy beer –  Done! (Yep, that I do!)

  8. Become more adventurous in the kitchen – Work In Progress! (Just started meal planning)

  9. Practice my calligraphy – Work In Progress!

  10. Pay it forward (at a Timmies drive-thru, for example)

  11. Make a new friend – Done! (Oh heeey, Chelsey!)

  12. Talk to my family more – Done! (Closer than ever with family this year)

  13. Gather a hefty savings (It’s getting there…)

  14. Get a sweet tan (rocked that farmers tan/glove tan for most of the summer…)

  15. Create something awesome

  16. Have a magical kiss (fireworks, mistletoe, etc.)

  17. Up my photography game

  18. Learn & practice a second language

  19. Finish all the seasons of Friends – Done! (June 27th 2016)

  20. Plan something exciting – In Progress! (I’m in a wedding party!)

  21. Smile more! (resting bitch face probs amiright…)


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